July 2018

What an amazing meeting we had last month – we have such a talented group with so much to share!  If you missed it or just want to review some of the fabulous techniques, check out the Resources page of the Village Quilters web site.

Join us for the next meeting where we will learn how to get those points perfect every time!



 We need to fill the July workshop. We currently have only 3 attendees. Please reach deep into your calendars and help us fill this one. We need 7 more.

If you already have the ruler bring it. If you don’t want to buy one we can share. You will be able to combine things you do here with ideas you got last month. Let’s make this a great year of stash busting and support the efforts. You may even be able to include some of these lemons stars in your UFO projects.

Speaker: Phyllis Fay
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Come see some of the different creations that can be made using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool from Studio 180 Design. The concept is to make the basic unit slightly oversized so that you can trim it to the exact measurements you need without losing any points. 

Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star
Wednesday, July 18

 Master the Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star basic technique as well as the Strip Pieced Lemoyne Star during a workshop with Phyllis Fay, Certified Instructor.  

This is a technique class, therefore there is no obligation to make a full quilt top.  The purpose of this course is to learn something new and then use your new skills on a specific project.   The purchase of your tool comes with a free pattern.

Here are some features of the Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star tool:

  • One tool is used to make blocks in ten (10) different sizes.  
  • Each block will be made slightly oversized and then trimmed to exact precision so that all points are preserved!
  • Left- and Right-handed instructions will be provided.
  • There are 5 different variations of the Lemoyne star available; we will be doing a basic lemoyne star and a strip pieced lemoyne star during the workshop.

Speaker: Patti Hellenbrand, "Have your Cake and Make it Too"
Tuesday, August 21, 2018

An exciting evening with lots of amazing quilts and table runners made using some of the many ways to work with precuts. How many ways can you work with precuts? 

Sliced Up Bed Runner or Lap Size Quilt
Wednesday, August 22

You select the size you want to work – Make it yours – you decide. This is a workshop that will give you the inspiration to create something from a specific collection or from a box in your sewing room. You will no longer look at a piece of fabric and say “I have no idea what to do with it”. Patti has an infectious enthusiasm about getting this done and sending the quilt out into the world. These are for the most part not going to be your “work of a lifetime” quilts but rather they are great quilts to be used and loved. When you leave the workshop you will have another tool in your “go to” box. When you want to get something done quickly that needs to look like it took a long time or effort. Also – don’t discount the use of fussy cutting for a spectacular special something. This quilt is creatively cutting a half square triangle and then doing a little rotating and then sewing it back together. Depending on layout and cut sizes you can get a different look each time you make it.


News from the President


Wasn’t our guild meeting enlightening this past month. Barb Jolley and Edie Hirasawa cleverly tapped into the resources that we have within the group to educate each other. A special “Thank you” goes out to the guild members who agreed to present. 


One of the presenters talked to me after the meeting and she shared that it had been quite a while since she had made a presentation. She related to me that she was nervous, so she practiced a number of times so that she would be effective when sharing. She wondered why she had agreed to speak in front of her peers. She left the meeting pleased because she had challenged herself and succeeded. 

In 2017 I saw the Cherrywood Challenge at Paducah. The theme that year was Lion King. I was amazed at the creativity of the participants whose wall hangings were on display. To my friend I said, “Let’s do this next year.” She quickly said “I’m not creative enough.” You do not know my friend but I will tell you that she quilts, so of course she is creative. Well, I ordered the material and for quite a few months, I have been working on my entry. I do not know if my attempt will be chosen to be sent to Minnesota and entered into the challenge. I think that it would be a hoot if it were, and I would be proud. But I am quite proud of myself because I challenged myself to do something new. This project stretched my creative skills along with my appliqueing and quilting techniques. I send the pictures of the finished product tomorrow night to Cherrywood and I will see what happens. I am so pleased that committed myself to this task. I have really enjoyed this experience.

 I would like to challenge each of you to stretch yourself. Do something new. Do something that may be a little scary. Put yourself out there and see what happens. Probably what will happen is that you will find the strength and creativity to complete the task. You will find that you have resources that you need. You will meet new people or get to know old friends in different ways. You will enrich your life and others will benefit.

I hope to see you all at the July meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

Balance on 5/31/2018:   $32,203.16
Income: $662.85
Expenses: $507.18
Balance as of 6/30/18: $32,358.83

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Partridge, Treasurer


Quilt Show Help Wanted


We are still in need of committee chairs for the Quilt Show on October 4 & 5, 2019: Boutique and Layout.

Boutique is one of our biggest fund raisers. It does need several people to do this job. Maybe a Bee or a group of friends?

The job of Layout has been divided into 4 committees: Floorplans/Quilt Placement, Marking floor, Equipment, and Setup/Takedown. You would not be on your own doing any of these positions, we have plenty of experience in our guild.

  • Floorplans/quilt placement Chair is Kate Klien.  
  • Marking the floors is done using the floorplans. This is a fairly easy job which requires approximately 8 people. 2 to mark and tape string in place, 2 to measure and mark feet location, 2 to call out measurements and 2 to double check that the measurements are accurate. This is done the Wednesday before the show.
  • Equipment is keeping accurate count of the feet, poles, pipes and drapes. This was done before and after the last show. Renting the chairs, tumbler and truck for moving the equipment. The chair(s) will be responsible for the transport of all equipment to and from the show.
  • Setup/Takedown is the process of hanging the show and taking down the show. The process has been made much easier than previous shows due to the organization by Margaret. 2 people can handle this job. The room and section plans make this a well organized process. Many of us have trained to hang the quilts as teams. 

Please consider taking on one of these positions.  We cannot have our show without everyone's help. Contact Madge Pierce or Christine Tindell to volunteer or ask questions. It is not too early to get started.



Reminder: May 1, 2018 started the new membership year for Village Quilters, so it's time to renew now. There are several options for renewal. All renewals require 2 steps: (1) filling in a registration form and (2) submitting a payment. Your registration is not complete until you have submitted the form and paid the fee.

To register online or pay your dues with your credit card, follow the Join Us link under the Members tab. Click on the green "Join or Renew Online" button and you'll be taken to a page where you can complete the membership form online or download a pdf of the form to mail. Scroll down the page to pay your dues online or for instructions to pay by check.

(To pay using a credit card, follow Option 1. Pay your membership dues online and click the ADD TO CART button. A shopping cart icon should in the upper right corner of the browser window. Click it to view your cart and checkout as you would for any online purchase.)

OR fill out a paper registration form and mail your check for $50 ($25 for Active Military or Spouse). 

If you have any questions, please contact Membership (Celia Stratman and Kimberly Jurco).


Happy Birthday!

Happy July Birthday to:

Sylvia Bath - 7/28
Peggy Schemenauer - 7/9
Deb Sherrock - 7/16
Carol Swartz - 7/10