June 2018


We have some very exciting programs ahead! Take a look and mark your calendars!

Members Teach Members Night
Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Members Showing Members of the guild a few gems of knowledge that are possibly long forgotten or recently discovered. Someone had an “AHHA” moment and is willing to share that spark. Join us for a totally entertaining evening. 

Upcoming Workshops

June 20, 2018

You have accepted the challenge, not time to dig out those UFO’s (un-finished objects), finish them, and get on to the next project! We will offer another UFO day to spend getting those final touches on projects for holiday giving. Come spend the day with other likeminded friends. 

Take the UFO Challenge 2018

Do you have a backlog of unfinished projects? Need to make space in your sewing room for more fabric? Feeling a little guilty about those orphan blocks? Have we got a challenge for you! Instead of a birthday block swap, this year Nancy Smith and and Edie Hirasawa have issued a UFO challenge to members. The entrance fee is two quilt shop quality fat quarters (no novelty or Christmas prints, please!) and a list of your unfinished “quilty” projects as of April 30, 2018. The challenge will run through April 30, 2019. The complete list of rules is available on the Challenges page on our web site.

Take the challenge and gain control of your sewing space. List those UFOs today!

Speaker: Phyllis Fay
 July 17, 2018

Come see some of the different creations that can be made using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool from Studio 180 Design. The concept is to make the basic unit slightly oversized so that you can trim it to the exact measurements you need without losing any points. 

Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star
July 18, 2018

Make your Lemoyne stars twinkle by using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star tool from Studio 180 Design. Stop cutting out odd shapes with angles that never quite match up and eliminate those bulky center spots where multiple seams intersect. You will be able to make a block as small as 3” with the same precision as a 12” block. Registration is open!

News from the President

Welcome to summer. Isn’t it a little sad that if we quilt for two days straight in our quilting ‘studios”, we miss Northern Illinois’s spring?  I did and I did.  I have been working hard on my UFO’s and I did miss spring!

Programs got off to a terrific start in May with Valli Schiller and with eighteen participants in the Confetti Nine Patch workshop.  It has been quite a while since we have had this many participate in a single workshop. Please review the next workshops and continue to support our guild.

In June, Barb and Edie are hosting a UFO workshop.  No cost to the members, but you’ll have fun with friends and you might meet someone new.  You’ll make progress on a project and you might learn something from those in the room. Please let Barb or Edie know through email or a call that you will be attending, so they will have plenty of tables set up in the room. 

If you want to feel like you really belong to our guild, if you want to do something new, or if you need new challenges in your life (these make us stronger and smarter), then sign up for a workshop and volunteer for the quilt show.  In this guild, no one is alone.  There are many who will help you along the way with whatever you choose to do. Our workshops are friendly and inspiring and no job for the quilt show is done alone.   

May you find pleasure in your inspirations,

Treasurer’s Report

Balance on 4/30/2018: $31,851.99
Income: $1,388.31
Expenses: $1,037.14
Balance as of 5/31/18: $32,203.16

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Partridge, Treasurer

Quilt Show Help Wanted

Many of the Quilt Show 2019 committee chairs have been filled, but we are still looking for members to lead the following committees:

  • Layout
  • Set-up & Take-down
  • Boutique

You need not lead alone; we are happy to have co-chairs in these positions. If you are interested, or for more information about what’s involved, please contact the Quilt Show chairpersons, Christine Tindell and Madge Pierce via email at show@villagequilters.org.


Reminder: May 1, 2018 started the new membership year for Village Quilters, so it's time to renew now. There are several options for renewal. All renewals require 2 steps: (1) filling in a registration form and (2) submitting a payment. Your registration is not complete until you have submitted the form and paid the fee.

To register online or pay your dues with your credit card, follow the Join Us link under the Members tab. Click on the green "Join or Renew Online" button and you'll be taken to a page where you can complete the membership form online or download a pdf of the form to mail. Scroll down the page to pay your dues online or for instructions to pay by check.

(To pay using a credit card, follow Option 1. Pay your membership dues online and click the ADD TO CART button. A shopping cart icon should in the upper right corner of the browser window. Click it to view your cart and checkout as you would for any online purchase.)

OR fill out a paper registration form and mail your check for $50 ($25 for active military or spouse).  

If you have any questions, please contact Membership (Celia Stratman and Kimberly Jurco).

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays in June
Kathy Downie, 6/1
Judi Young, 6/1
Kate Klein, 6/6
Linda Warren, 6/7
Andrea Krier, 6/11
Dianne Siekmann, 6/14
Priscilla Maves, 6/15
Mary Gustafson, 6/19
Amy Dryfoos 6/23
Sue Minster, 6/28
Jolie Fiore, 6/30