UFO Challenge

The group challenge runs from May 1 to April 30. Count the number of UFOs that you have as of April 30.

Download the UFO listing

What is a UFO?

Any quilty project you have started (must have some cutting or sewing done by you) as of the end of April. These should be your projects (not things you are quilting for others for pay.) Charity quilts can count if you do it all (not just bind or label), and you had it at your house April 30. If you take a UFO and finish it for a charity quilt, you are still allowed to have someone else quilt it, as long as you finish the binding for it.

If you have inherited UFOs these can also count, as can swaps, birthday blocks, or projects you purchased at the brown bag auction. They have to be been started before April 30.
Hope that covers everything.

You are only allowed one potholder or doll quilt on your UFO list!! But you can do one potholder when you are in a pinch!! If everyone does one it will be fair!

If a quilt is all done, but the label, you can't get it back from the new owner add a label and call it done. The project must at least need binding and a label to be considered a UFO.

(For the sake of the prizes this is our definition of UFO... if you want to list other projects on your own list that is fine, but finished UFOs eligible to get your name in the draw, must be quilty. There must be some quilting in the project) 

If you feel listing all your UFOs will overwhelm you, you may opt to just enter the number you hope to complete, say one a month (12) or one every other month (6).


Your entry is recorded when your two fat quarters of quilt shop quality fabric are received.  No novelty fabric, or holiday fabric, please.

This is a 2 FQ entry, regardless of how many UFOs you have or when you join. If you join mid year, you still send in 2 FQs.

At the end of the year, one person will win all the FQs. (If there is a huge number of FQs, we reserve the right to have more than one winner). The winner is determined by a draw, not by who finishes the most UFOs. There may be other surprise prizes during the year, as well.

What constitutes done?

Done is completely done (or "done done" as someone called it), not just the top done. So this should mean quilting, binding, and labels on! In other words, completely done and ready to use, or give away. If someone else is doing the quilting or binding for you, it still has to be done, not just mailed off. Remember these have to be quilty UFOs to be eligible for the draw.
If you get rid of a UFO.... give away, throw away, abandon and separate into fabric, these UFOs can be taken off your list, but they don't count as finished as far as the draw goes.

If one UFO becomes one or more finished projects, each will count as a finish. However, if two or more UFOs are combined into one project, it will count as one finish.

The point is to focus some of your attention on your UFOs in the coming year. We will be each other's support group! This will hopefully relieve stress, clean up some storage, and allow you to feel better about your quilting hobby! You may even feel less guilty about starting new stash projects! The idea is to have a little fun, keep the rules simple, and hopefully end the year with fewer UFOs than you started!

If you complete a twin sized (approx. 60 x 80 inches) or larger quilt completely by yourself (quilting and binding, too) it will count for 2 points this year. If someone else finishes it, it will just be one finish and one point. This is to even things out for those that do mostly larger projects, and for those that do their own quilting, whether by hand, machine or on a quilting machine. A top alone is not a finish, but when it is done done, let me know if it counts for the extra point.


  • Each UFO gives you a chance to win, the more you finish the better your chances.

  • The entry (2 FQs) is the same for everybody, regardless of when you enter, or how many UFOs you have.

  • There are no penalties for starting new projects.

Art Quilt Challenge

Time to express your creativity in exploring a theme for the Village Quilters’ show in 2019.

The theme: HAVE A HEART!

The only requirement for this theme is that the quilt should contain AT LEAST ONE IMAGE OF A HEART. The rest is up to you!

Here are the specifications:

  1. Finished quilt should be 12” X 12”.

  2. Label your submission like your other quilts, but a hanging sleeve is not necessary.

  3. Submit two quilts if you have more than one idea!

  4. Enter your quilt like all the others in the show – same deadline, same check-in procedure, etc.

Have fun with this, and please participate!

This quilt can be pieced, fused, painted, embroidered….

Use photographs, transfers, stencils, paints, inks, stamps….

Embellish with beads, metal, buttons, ribbons, fibers, crystals, lace, mesh, found objects – anything that can be safely attached!


Contact Ginny Flock or Celia Stratman.