Show Information for Members

Submit Your Quilts Now

The deadline for submitting quilts is July 31, 11:50 p.m. Submit your quilt now!

Here are a few things to you will need when filling in the entry form: 

  • all quilts must have a name - no untitled quilts
  • size of the quilt in inches
  • if your quilt is from a workshop, you will be asked to enter the name of the instructor
  • if it's a bee or group project, enter the name of the bee or group and make sure everyone us the same group name.
  • You will also need to enter your quilt's "story", which is the single page block of text that is printed and displayed next to your quilt.

Prepare this information in advance.

Once you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation within 5 days, so watch your email. Reply to the confirmation email and attach a picture of your finished quilt. You will receive a second email confirming completion of your entry.

If you would like to have Kearstie photograph your completed quilt, fill out the entry form and submit it ahead of time and bring the quilt along with its name (which you have already entered online) to a meeting. Pictures may be taken about 15 minutes before the start of a meeting or immediately after the meeting. 

Art Quilt Challenge

Time to express your creativity in exploring a theme for the upcoming Village Quilters show!

The theme: TEXTILES!

There are LOTS of possibilities for interpretation of this theme — Use of different textures of fabrics, fibers & filaments, yarns rags… or, how about concentrating on "text", or "tiles"? You choose and have fun!

Here are the specifications:

  1. Finished quilt should be 12" x 12"
  2. Label it like your other quilts, but a hanging sleeve is not necessary
  3. Submit 2 quilts if you have more than one idea!
  4. Enter your quilt like all the others in the show — same deadline, samecheck-in procedure, etc.

Have fun with this, and please participate!

  • This quilt can be pieced, fused, painted, embroidered....
  • Use photographs, transfers, stencils, paints, inks, stamps....
  • Embellish with beads, metal, buttons, ribbons, fibers, crystals, lace, mesh, found objects — anything that can be safely attached!

Questions? Contact Celia Stratman  or Feather Schroeder.


    As a Boutique vendor, you are welcome to create as many items as you can to sell in the Boutique.

    • Items should be original or should have the permission and name of the designer included on any labels
    • You will receive an ID # that must be included on every item that you price
    • You will receive 85% of the sale of each item, 15% will go to the Guild
    • A meeting of all Boutique participants will be held prior to the August Guild meeting to go over the Inventory process, checking in and out, sharing of items being made, working in the Boutique during the show
    • All Boutique vendors will be expected to work one 2-hour shift in the Boutique during the show
    • Types of items that sold well at the last show include doll clothes, thread catchers, ornaments, seasonal table runners/wall hangings, original art work, clutch-ball baby toy, Christmas package ornaments, key fobs
    • Please Note: The Boutique is not a venue for the resale of items    

    Enjoy creating quality products to sell in the Boutique! If you have any questions, contact Mary Dietz or Linda Warren.

    Quilt Show Flyer

    Download the 2017 Quilt Show Flyer as a pdf.

    Quilts of Valor

    See the Service page.


    Hanging Day is October 12! Join us at 8:30am to set up the show and hang the quilts. No experience necessary!

    Also, every guild member is required to work two staffing shifts during the show. Sign up for your shifts online today!

    Show Committee Chairs

    Co-chairs: Christine Tindell and Madge Pierce
    Art quilt challenge: Celia Stratman
    Boutique: Linda Warren and  Mary Dietz
    Cataloging: Enid Mattimiro and Kearstie Grenier
    Check in and out: Feather Schroeder
    Hospitality: Jo Bailey and Sylvia Bath
    Publicity: Kimberly Jurco and Kearstie Grenier
    Quilt appraisal: Judy Hillebrand
    Raffle quilt: Kate Klein, Erica Jarrett and Nancy Smith
    Quilt travel: Donna Derstadt and Lorraine Potts
    Raffle tickets: Dee Elliott and Kathy Avellone
    Service: Cheryl Mercy and Deb Sherrock
    Set up/ take down: Margaret Martin
    Show layout: Patricia Warren
    Silent auction: Edythe Hirasawa, Alice Hutchinson and Yolanda Sherrod
    Staffing: Carol Swartz and Laura Partridge
    Vendors: Linda Spring


    Second Tuesday of each month

    7:00-8:30 p.m.

    Fremont Public Library
    1170 N. Midlothian Road
    Mundelein, IL 60060
    Please note: no food is allowed in the library, but drinks are allowed if they are covered.