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Sign Up to Volunteer at the Show

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The Staffing Committee is charged with organizing workers for the quilt show. There are many, many jobs that must be performed to make the show successful. Use the button at the right to sign up for the quilt show.

For the August and September guild meetings, Andrea Krier will have a table if you have any questions or problems. It’s so easy, try it you’ll love it! Sign up for your shifts today.

You will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on, and they do not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Andrea Krier to sign you up manually.

In addition to helping with setup on Thursday, October 3, every member is expected to volunteer for AT LEAST TWO time slots. Boutiquers are expected to fill one volunteer slot in the Boutique and two additional slots somewhere else.

Check in for your shift at the admissions desk.

Job Descriptions 

Admissions: Greet guests and take the entry fee. Each paying guest is given a wristband which helps us know how many attendees we have. Also, offer each guest a ballot to vote for his or her favorite quilts. You will be handling money. Calculators will be provided. This is a seated job.

Raffle Quilts: Sell tickets for our raffle quilt. You will be handling money. This is a seated job.

White Gloves: You are the protectors of the quilts. Roam the quilts on display and engage guests in conversation about the quilts. Answer questions, draw viewers’ attention to details in the quilts, and generally guard the quilts from sticky fingers. Wearing white gloves allows you to touch the quilts and turn the corners to show the backs. You will be on your feet and moving around.

Boutique: Sell boutique items. You will be handling money. Calculators will be provided. You will be on your feet and moving within the boutique.

Silent Auction: Monitor the silent auction table and quilts.

Hospitality: Monitor the hospitality room. Put out refreshments and keep the area tidy.

Vendor Host: Overall, promote vendor satisfaction. Introduce yourself to each vendor and offer any help or assistance. Be the point person for vendors to call on for any problems that arise. Be available as a 5-15 minute booth sitter, especially for vendors that are alone. This means just watching the booth, no transactions.

Quilts of Valor Nominations

The Village Quilters is once again very proud to honor our American Veterans with a Quilt of Valor award ceremony at their bi-annual quilt show on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Any current or retired member of the United States Armed Forces who has served "in harms way" is eligible to receive this one time only honor of a Quilt of Valor.

To nominate a Veteran you know, submit a Nomination form to either Cheryl Mercy or Linda Spring prior to August 1, 2019 to be considered. We must limit the number of Veterans to no more that 15 to receive a quilt at the show. Please note that Nomination forms will also be available at all upcoming VQ regular meetings.

Help Publicize the Show

Now is the time to get our bookmarks to your friends and family! We know that most people come to the show because they have been directly invited, so start reminding everyone that the show is the first Friday and Saturday in October at the Libertyville Sports Complex (near the intersection of Routes 137 and 45).


Want to put up a poster? Download the poster to print.

If you are posting in a public place, please get permission first!

Quilts of Valor Donations

On an obvious side note, in order that this event go forward, all VQ members are encouraged to make and submit a Quilt of Valor for presentation (see the requirements). Whether made singularly or in a group, a Quilt of Valor is an extremely rewarding experience and one that truly says to Veterans, "Thank you for your service to ensure our continued freedom." 

You may still submit a Quilt of Valor. It will not be hung in the show, but it may be displayed in the Service booth. It must be registered (use the green button below).

Does my quilt need a hanging sleeve (rod pocket)?

Yes! All quilts displayed in the show need a 4-inch hanging sleeve EXCEPT:

  • an Art Quilt Challenge

  • a donated Quilt of Valor that has NO Room or Section number on its ID card (distributed in September 2019)

Temporary sleeves must be securely basted at 2-inch intervals, preferably on the bottom and top of the sleeve.

Tallgrass Prairie Studio has a great tutorial on adding a permanent 4-in. hanging sleeve.

Want to see a video? American Quilter's Society has a YouTube video about adding a sleeve that includes a sleeve idea for very wide quilts.

Show Committee Chairs

The chair persons are Madge Pierce and Christine Tindell. If you are interested in helping, please contact either one of us.


Art Quilt Challenge
Celia Stratman, Ginny Flock

Kathy Avellone, Sue Ann Kuby, Carol Swartz

Kearstie Grenier, Enid Mattimiro

Check-In / Check-Out
Feather Schroeder

Edythe Hirasawa, Alice Hutchinson, Yolanda Sherrod

Margaret Martin

Raffle Quilt
Andrea Krier, Barb Peterson, Kearstie Grenier, Barb Jolley

Quilt Appraisal
Judy Hillebrand

Quilt Travel
Donna Derstadt, Lorraine Potts

Quilt Tickets
Kathy Avellone, Sue Ann Kuby

Quilts Of Valor
Cheryl Mercy, Linda Spring

Show Layout
Floor Plan/Quilt Placement

Kate Klein, Nancy Smith

Mark Floors
position open

Set Up - Take Down
Marti Austin

Kimberly Jurco

Silent Auction
Cheryl Mercy, Kathy Sorkin

Andrea Krier

Barb Jolley, Kate Brennan