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Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star

 Master the Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star basic technique as well as the Strip Pieced Lemoyne Star during a workshop with Phyllis Fay, Certified Instructor.  

This is a technique class, therefore there is no obligation to make a full quilt top.  The purpose of this course is to learn something new and then use your new skills on a specific project.   The purchase of your tool comes with a free pattern.

Here are some features of the Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star tool:

  • One tool is used to make blocks in ten (10) different sizes.  
  • Each block will be made slightly oversized and then trimmed to exact precision so that all points are preserved!
  • Left- and Right-handed instructions will be provided.
  • There are 5 different variations of the Lemoyne star available; we will be doing a basic lemoyne star and a strip pieced lemoyne star during the workshop.

 Required tools for the workshop:  Purchases can be made either at the lecture or workshop.

Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star $31.50
Strip Pieced Lemoyne Star Technique Sheet $7.50 

Optional tools:  Purchases can be made either at the lecture or workshop.
Tucker Trimmer III $27.50 

Download the supply list.


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