October 2017

Speaker: Denise Havlan, Humble Beginnings
Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Denise Havlan.jpg

In her lecture and trunk show, Denise Havlan will share how an unplanned stop at a quilt shop awakened the “quilting bug” hidden in her heart that fueled many years of study and work to gain the skills recognized in her quilts today. We will see quilts from all stages of her quilting, including many award winners from the past up to today.

Denise is an award winning studio artist and teacher from Plainfield, Illinois. Her work can be seen in galleries and in national and international quilt exhibitions. Color, composition and design combine to create her one of a kind work.

Not conforming to any particular process, Denise allows an individual piece to determine the techniques used as it develops through construction. Technical methods can be a combination of machine and had appliqué with various surface design enhancements such as painting, inking and machine embroidery. Strong visual impact is a primary goal in her work.
Denise’s works have won numerous awards. Upon seeing her work, you will be amazed at her talent and expertise.

Check out Denise at www.denisehavlan.com.


Workshop: Tiny Visions, Denise Havlan
Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 9:00am - 4:00pm

tiny visions 2.jpg

This workshop from Denise Havlan shows that less CAN be more! Create “eye-popping” land and seascapes by cutting strips of fused fabric (no template) laying them onto a foundation then stitching back and forth with beautiful color threads. We begin with simple colored pencil sketches then build a realistic work of art that is easy and very satisfying. Given the small size you may create two or three of these beauties in class. We will discuss finishing techniques such as mounting, framing and adding borders or just binding. They can be framed with no quilting at all. Bring your creativity and have a very free wheeling fun day. These little fabric gems can range in size from 4” X 6” to 4” X 12” and anywhere in between… quilter’s choice.

Find the Supply List on the Calendar page describing the workshop at the guild website.


President’s Letter


Don’t let the hot weather fool you, the quilt show is just a few weeks away.  

Please visit the Members’ Show Info page on our website. You will find the link to volunteer, instructions for adding a sleeve to your quilt, suggestions for Boutique donations, even a list of snacks for the hospitality room.

Those who attended the meeting last week saw many beautiful items for the small quilt auction, including a gorgeous miniature version of our raffle quilt. We also got a demonstration on hanging the quilts.

So much work has gone on to make this a great show. I want to thank Christine Tindell and Madge Pierce and their committee for all their hard work organizing the show. This will be our best show yet!

See you all on Thursday, August 12 for set up.
Happy Quilting,


Treasurer’s Report


Balance on 9/1/17: $24,753.35

Income (9/1/17 –9/24/17): $395.75
Expenses (9/1/17 – 9/24/17): $475.20

Balance as of 9/25/17: $24,673.90

Income for this period included: traveling raffle ticket sales, member raffle ticket sales, 2 new members, 1 vendor.

Expenses for this period included: Grace United church rental fee for October – December, printing of catalog and cataloguing cards for quilt show, materials for QOV recipient name tags.
Submitted by Judi Young, treasurer


Calling All Quilting Bees...


There are a number of quilting bees within the guild. I would appreciate it if someone from each bee would contact me to let me know if your bee is open to new members. I understand this is not always possible, as you meet in members’ homes. After receiving this information, we can explore starting new bees.  
Barbara Schober




We welcome new member Lisa Robinson from Libertyville, and welcome back Joan Lagedrost from Grayslake.

We are really busy with the upcoming quilt show. If you haven't yet signed up for your two shifts, please do so. We also need UFOs so we can fill an extra booth. See the September 24 Quilt Show News for detailed information.

Carol and Patricia


Happy Birthday!

October Birthdays  
Diane Hines, 10/2
Nancy Zamor, 10/8
Barb Jolley, 10/15
Myretta Taylor, 10/16
Sue Ann Kuby, 10/26

November Birthdays    
Judy Hillebrand, 11/3
Ginny Flock, 11/4
Barbara J. Peterson, 11/16
Kimberly Jurco, 11/19
Barbara Schober, 11/19
Erika Eddy, 11/20