Quilt Show News: 3 Weeks to the Show!

Silent Auction

We received many beautiful donations for Silent Auction at the guild meeting and will accept items up to the morning of the show. Thank you!


Wanted: some gals to watch over the quilts after set up until the close of the Sports Center on Thursday. Part of the time is OK. Hours are 2pm - close at 10 pm. Lots of time to get some quilting done. Contact Carol Swartz.

Also: Don't forget to sign up for your volunteer shifts during the show!


Check the Members Show Info page for the date and item that you signed up to bring. Contributions can be brought directly to the Hospitality Room on the 2nd floor when you arrive. Thanks for your generosity!      


Items being donated to the Boutique must be given to Mary Dietz or Linda Warren by October 1
Any new vendor wanting to vend at the Boutique must let Mary Dietz or Linda Warren know by October 1. 
Questions? Call or email Mary Dietz or Linda Warren.

A Note from the Quilt Layout Committee

A vendor has cancelled coming to our great show; let’s have fun with the space! We need your help. Our empty space will be used to show unfinished projects that you have but wonder if you’ll ever find time to finish or wonder why you started! The project may be folded and placed over a conduit, pinned to a felt backing, or put on a table…no sleeve required. 

Maybe getting those out of storage and giving them a second look will motivate us to finish that project and may encourage others to do the same. Alternatively, maybe you have one of those crazy projects that just “doesn’t work” but it has a story. 

How can you help? To enter your project, please send a description and/or photo plus the approximate measurement of the quilt-in-progress to patricia.warren57@gmail.com.

No fancy label required; only a card to be pinned to the back. More later information to come later. Questions? Email or call Patricia Warren or Kate Klein.

Please help to make this interesting and fun!

Quilt Appraisals

There is still time to sign up for a quilt appraisal at our show.  Appraisals are $50.00, payable by cash or check, and Sandy donates $5.00 from each appraisal back to our guild.

The Professional Association of Appraisers & Quilted Textiles (PAAQT) states, “An AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser has spent many years studying history, design, craftsmanship, product knowledge and appraisal practices.  You will receive a written document that describes your property clearly and accurately with values substantiated by research.”  The written appraisal is a legal document that becomes very important when establishing loss or damage of property or when settling an estate. Please call or email Judy Hillebrand to reserve a time for your appraisal. 

Sleeves for Quilts of Valor

Apologies for any confusion with sleeves for the Quilts of Valor. We plan to hang all quilts received by the July 31 deadline to fill up the space. Does your Quilt of Valor need a sleeve?

  • If your quilt ID Card says your quilt will be in the Sit ‘n’ Sew room, or the room is “NOT HUNG”, it does not need a sleeve.
  • If your quilt ID Card shows a room and location other than other than Sit ‘n’ Sew, it will need a sleeve. 

Please contact Patricia Warren if you have questions: patricia.warren57@gmail.com or 847-707-1152.

Quilts over 90” long

Unless otherwise notified, sleeves should be placed at top of quilt as usual. If the quilt will end up on the floor when it is hung, we will pin it up from the bottom after it is hung. Quilts hung in Section 2 are on 10-foot uprights (120") — see your ID Card. Please contact Patricia Warren if you have any concern about how/where your long quilt will be hung.