Quilt Show News: Quilt Show this Week!

Our Quilt Show Supports Our Guild

We need the help of EVERY ONE OF YOU to set up Quilts from the Village XIV, and then to HELP take it down when the show closes. We do not have Staffing work on this; it's not sign-up because every member is expected to help. Yes it is a lot of work, that is why we need you all.  Some of it is on your feet, some of it is not. Having done this many times in the past we can assure you it is very satisfying to see the whole show hanging after putting in a lot of effort. The sense of community is wonderful. You might even make a new friend in the guild. 

When you come to the show, wear your name-tag!

Setting Up and Taking Down the Show

We had a great session on Sunday, practicing with our new black backdrops (the black drapes).

Hanging Day is Thursday. We will officially begin at 8:30 am, but some members will be there at 7:30 am.

The show will be taken down after it closes on Saturday. No experience necessary! Everyone will be working with a Crew during take down, and the Captains who set up the show will be running it. We will need extra hands to help fold drapes; this can be a seated job because we will have tables for folding.

If you are not able to work, please wait in the Hospitality Room. This is an issue of safety for everyone. You will not be allowed on the quilt show floor if you are not working.

No quilts will be distributed to members until the entire show is down, the equipment boxes are packed, the truck is loaded, those members who will help unload the truck where our equipment is stored have received their quilts, and the truck is on its way.

When you come to the show, wear you name-tag!

From the Staffing Committee

Greetings from the staffing committee. It is almost time for the show and we still have a few critical positions to staff! There are a few shifts left for Friday but we really need more hands on Saturday. 

We need a couple of early birds to do show security starting at 5am until 10am. It is a great opportunity to sit and work on a project. Also, Saturday afternoon from 12:30-3 during the Quilts of Valor presentation—we are very short-staffed in the boutique and admissions. This will probably be a very busy time for the show and we could really use more help! We also need more people to help load the truck. This comes with the perk of getting your quilts back first. 

If you have waited to sign up or think that showing up on that day is the best option—please sign up now as that would truly be the most helpful.

Here is the link: Please sign up for Village Quilters quilt show staffing on VolunteerSpot today!


All quilts need a sleeve on the back in order to be hung in the show. 

If you entered your Quilt of Valor as "hang if you have room," please check the ID card that you received for the back of your quilt. If the card shows a room letter and section number, then it will be hung in the show and needs a sleeve. If the room on the card shows QOV and no section number, then you do not need a sleeve.

Art quilts do NOT need a sleeve.

Temporary sleeves are acceptable but must be securely attached at 2-inch intervals; basted sleeves are preferred.

Appraisals Still Available

It's not too late to sign up for a quilt appraisal at our quilt show! Please call or email Judy Hillebrand to sign up. Judy will be at the show all day on Thursday (set up day), Friday, and Saturday, October 1-3, to sign up anyone who is interested. If you have an old
family quilt that is not going to be hung in the show, you could sign up to get that appraised.

Silent Auction

Remember to keep silent auction items coming—you can contribute up to the dates of the show!

Submitting a Quilt of Valor?

Pin your presentation case to the back of the quilt.


1. Double check all items for price tags. 
2. Double check inventory sheet(s). Make a copy of the completed sheet(s) for yourself.
3. Bring your inventory sheet with when you come to check in on Thursday morning.
4. Bring any items that you have that will enhance the display area.
5. Bring any flat bed sheets you have to help cover the boutique area in the evenings. Sheets will be returned.
6. Any questions? Call or email Judi Young.