October 2015

October Speakers: Jill Shaulis and Vicki Olsen, Yellow Creek Designs
Tuesday, October 20, 7:00pm - 9:00pm

We welcome Jill Shaulis and Vicki Olsen from Yellow Creek Quilt Designs. They will present a Trunk Show of their beautiful, traditional quilts.

Jill  and Vicki are sisters that grew up in the great little town of Pearl City. For many years they traveled to the post office to pick up the mail in the building the was once the bank.  Who knew this building would house the greatest quilt/gift shop in North Western Illinois! Opening in 1992 under the name Sew many Antiques they carried a nice supply of quality quilting fabrics, patterns, books and antiques of all kinds. Soon they outgrew the space and added to this historic building. The name was changed to Yellow Creek Quilt Designs in 2010. 

Although quilting supplies continued with great enthusiasm, the antiques faded away to make room for many wonderful gifts and a great selection of wool & Valdani threads. Yellow Creek Quilt Designs was a featured shop in Better Homes & Gardens Quilt Sampler magazine in 2011. Their patterns have been featured in several Primitive Quilts & Projects magazines. Their first book was published by Kansas City Star as is called Kindred Spirits.  Jill will be designing fabrics for Windham Fabrics in 2015. Jill & Vicki will be offering a club featuring their exclusive pattern designs in 2015.


October Workshop: Baskets of Wonder, Yellow Creek Designs
Wednesday, October 21 - 9:00am - 4:00pm

Join Jill Shaulis and Vicki Olsen of Yellow Creek Quilt Designs for a journey into the wonderful world of wool applique. Wool is a great fiber for applique with its unique textures, weaves, and depth of color. If it’s felted, it doesn’t ravel, which makes edge finishing really easy and fun! If you haven’t tried wool applique before, here’s your chance. If you have, you probably can't wait to do another wool project. Come join us in making this lovely table runner.


Village Quilters President's Letter

WOW!!!  And WOW!! Again. What a show this guild put on!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this show a stunning success. If I start naming names, I will leave someone out, so instead I will describe just some of the work that we did.  But, of course, thank you to our Quilt Show Tri-chairs – Nancy Smith, Erica Jarret, and Kate Klein – who so graciously stepped in when their help was needed and ran this show so beautifully.

Thank you to those who worked behind the scenes so that the raffle tickets got sold, and the raffle quilt traveled, and the labels got printed and distributed, and there were refreshments in the hospitality room, and the floors were marked, and the vendors were able to enter, work successfully and exit all smoothly and calmly, and on and on.  And thank you to those who worked tirelessly (or apparently tirelessly) on the scene always on the move and up and down ladders so that the quilts got hung safely and then back down safely and, finally, returned to their owners.

A deep thank you to the anonymous donor of the black drapes. They made the show simply stunning.   Each quilt hung as its own separate jewel. Our show has always been spectacular and the drapes put it over the top.

Thank you to each of you who trusted us with your quilts.

Highlights:  The hanging and take-down were smoothly orchestrated.  The Quilts of Valor presentation was emotional and meaningful.  Our three winners – each beside her quilt – were so proud – and rightfully so.  And weren’t we all winners to be a part of this show and to be able to take the time to stand and just look at the quilts from a distance and up close so that we could really appreciate our work and the work of others in a way that is impossible at home or at the guild meetings?

So many of the vendors and our appraiser said repeatedly that they they look forward to our show, that our show is the best, and that the skill and talent of our members is unsurpassed.

So, in conclusion, thank you one and all.

See you at the guild meeting and Happy Quilting.


Quilt Show News

From the Tri-Chairs

Thank you all for the hard work on the quilt show! The entire committee really appreciated all of the support you gave us! We had 725 paid attendees at this year's show (nearly identical to the previous show).

Before this show becomes a distant memory, we'd like for you to take a few minutes to let us know your thoughts about the show. Below is a link to a survey we created. The questions cover preparations prior to the show and the actual show itself. We've left much space for your detailed comments so we can continue to improve the show. Thanks for your feedback!


The Tri-Chairs
Erica Jarrett, Kate Klein, Nancy Smith


The staffing committee would like to thank all of the members who volunteered at the show. Thanks for your cooperation in using the online system to sign up for shifts and all of the hard work that kept the show running smoothly!

Tera McBlaine and Andrea Krier

Hanging Day Thanks

Thanks to the 56 (or so) members who helped set up the show. We finished the bulk of the set up by early afternoon—a great accomplishment considering we  hung the new black drapes in addition to over 250 quilts! The use of tables, flat-bed carts, and wagons really helped.

Of course, the smooth set up and dismantling of our show would not have been possible without the willingness of our Crew Captains to spend two hours learning the details of the process. Many thanks to Mary Dietz (red bandana), Judy Hillebrand (30s repro), Claire Machinist (gold lame), Barb Peterson (batik), Linda Spring (my "backup" captain), Carol Swartz (bird print), Dorothy Roderick (large floral), and Linda Warren (stripes). Your leadership made this possible.

And thanks also go to those ladder-climbers and other members who attended the first ever Hanging Day Training session. This one hour practice session was essential in working out the kinks.

Special thanks go to Madge Pierce, my second in command. She sat through many discussions and repetitive meetings to help devise the process we used for this year's show. Her suggestions and willingness to work hard made my job much easier.

The additional assistance from family members was greatly appreciated, especially those strong backs on takedown day!

Margaret  Martin

Quilts of Valor


Just a big THANK YOU for everyone's support of our Quilt of Valor program.  The Guild was able to donate 38 quilts to the QOV Foundation, of which 19 were presented during the Show.   Plus, a quilt top was stitched and completed during the Sit-n-Sew and will be donated at a later date. Kudos to the stitchers!

But the best part was the wonderful and touching experience during the QOV presentation. Feedback from the veterans was phenomenal ... they were so touched and grateful to be asked to participate and humbled to receive the beautiful quilts.  We heard more than one say, "... But I don't deserve this... someone else deserves it more than I". To which we replied, "No, Sir...  There is no one more deserving."  They are true heroes.

Service Committee,
Kathy Sorkin and Cheryl Mercy


The addition of Scrapapalooza, aprons, and donated items by members helped make this year's Boutique a great success.

204 shoppers made purchases that added up to over $5000 in sales.

  • 257 of 381 scrap bags were sold, netting $852 for the Guild;
  • 28 of 39 aprons sold, netting $370 for the Guild;
  • 58 of 146 donated items sold, netting $513 for the Guild.

Add to that the 15% of sales by members who made multiple items to sell which came to $437 dollars.

Total all of these and you get $2172 for the Guild.

Thank you to everyone who participated in some way in this year's Boutique, whether it was donating scraps or handmade items, making aprons, helping set up or working in the Boutique during the show. Everyone involved helped make this year's Boutique the best ever for the Guild.

Judi Young

Scrapapalooza: A Huge Success!

Approximately 475 pounds of scraps were donated by Guild Members.  They were sorted by color into 381 clear zip lock bags that weighed 1 lb. 4 oz. each.  25 volunteers sorted the fabrics on 10 sorting dates, for a total of 150 hours.

257 bags sold at the Quilt Show for a a total of $852; and an additional $170 worth of yardage was sold previously at Guild meetings.  The net profit is $1022!  We met our Goal!!!

Thanks to all who donated scraps, sorted scraps, and transported scraps! It was more fun than I could imagine!

Gayle Springer
p.s.  The Batiks that were donated to Scrapapalooza sold for $50 in the Silent Auction!  Hooray!

Appraisals at Quilts from the Village XIV

Thanks to everyone who signed up to have appraisals conducted at our quilt show. I hope you were all pleased with the written appraisals you received from Sandy Schweitzer. Sandy is delightful to work with and absolutely loves our quilt show—she thinks we are a very talented group and I would have to agree.

Judy Hillebrand


A special thank you to all who contacted friends and relatives, handed out bookmarks, shared Facebook posts, and posted your own quilts on Facebook. Every thing you did, no matter how small it may have seemed, helped bring visitors to our show. Kudos to all!

Kearstie Grenier

Silent Auction

Thank you to everyone who donated items to make the Silent Auction such a great success. Did you get your wonderful ginger cookies baked by Judy Hillebrand? Judy has kindly shared the recipe so that you can enjoy them whenever you’d like. Click to download this Better Homes and Gardens recipe and enjoy them anytime.

Other Area Quilt Shows

Two other local area quilt shows to check out:

2015 Lighthouse Legacies
Fountain Hall, Sturtevant, WI
October 17 & 18

Fine Art of Fiber  
November 5-8
Chicago Botanic Garden, Glencoe, IL

Sad News

After the ups and downs of fighting lung cancer, guild member Chris Leone passed away on October 1st. She was a creative and talented quilter and knitter, and a fabulous cook. She will be missed by many.



October Birthdays

Jane Reents, October 9
Myretta Taylor, October 16
Patricia Ann Olmstead, October 18
Joni Bauml, October 23
Marge Rockenbach, October 23
Mirre Nenn, October 24
Sue Ann Kuby    , October 26

November Birthdays

Judy Hillebrand, November 3
Ginny Flock, November 4
Eula Bates, November 11
Addie Hansing, November 12
Barbara J. Peterson, November 16
Kimberly Jurco, November 19
Barbara Schober, November 19
Erika Eddy, November 20
DeAnna Elliott, November 21
Yolande Sherrod, November 26
RoseAnn Rendl, November 29