Quilt Show News for July 2019

General Show News

The dates for the show are October 4th and 5th, 2019. Marking the floors is October 2nd and setup is October 3rd.

Are you feeling the rush to get things done?

There are just a few days remaining to register your quilts. There are 158 quilts registered as of July 9th. Of those quilts: 18 Are Quilts of Valor, 12 are Art Quilt Challenge, 14 are from various workshops, 6 are charity quilts, 1 Bee, and 19 are for sale. There are 21 registrations that are missing photos. If you have forgotten to send your photo, please do so as soon as possible. Volunteer sign-ups will be starting in August; they can be done online.

There are 13 confirmed vendors; one more is possible. Publicity for the show will begin in July.

Everyone is in full swing for making our best show yet. We have a great group of committee chairs getting things ready. Thank you to all.

Madge Pierce and Christine Tindell, Quilt Show Co-chairs

Quilt Registration

As of this writing, we have 196 quilts registered (though many still need photos) and just a few more days of registration for quilts to be hung in the show. If you are making a Quilt of Valor that does not need to be hung, you have until August 31st to register. All quilts to be hung, including Art Quilt Challenge quilts, must be registered no later than July 16th. That means you have about 3 days to get your quilts finished and registered.

Photos of registered quilts must be sent to villagequilterslblf@gmail.com by July 21st. Be sure you either reply to the confirmation email and attach your photo, or put the Entry# of the quilt in the subject when you send those photos so we can match them up! Photos must be emailed; you can’t text them, and we can’t use printed photos. A photo from your smartphone or iPad is fine; you don't need a special camera for this.

It is really such a joy to see the registrations and beautiful photos come in for the show! Please keep registering your quilts and get those photos in. We are hoping to have over 200 quilts registered by July 16th. We look forward to seeing yours!

Enid Mattimiro and Kearstie Grenier

Quilts of Valor

I just received word that as of today, 18 Quilts of Valor have been registered for the October Show! Thank you, Ladies! Keep 'em coming.

Also, I have received 19 nominations for Quilts of Valor recipients. I will only take additional requests on a "first-come-first-served" basis until August 1st. Mailings to nominated recipients will begin around the first of August.

Again, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm for this project.

Cheryl Mercy

Art Quilt Challenge - HAVE A HEART!

There is still time to participate in the 2019 Art Quilt Challenge for the upcoming Village Quilters’ show! The only requirement for the HAVE A HEART theme is that the quilt should contain AT LEAST ONE IMAGE OF A HEART. The rest is up to you!

Here are the specifications:

  1. Finished quilt should be 12” x 12”.

  2. Label your submission like your other quilts, but a hanging sleeve is not necessary.

  3. Submit two quilts if you have more than one idea!

  4. Enter your quilt like all the others in the show – same deadline (July 16th), same check-in procedure, etc.

Have fun with this, and please participate!

This quilt can be pieced, fused, painted, embroidered…

Use photographs, transfers, stencils, paints, inks, stamps…

Embellish with beads, metal, buttons, ribbons, fibers, crystals, lace, mesh, found objects – anything that can be safely attached!

QUESTIONS? Contact Ginny Flock or Celia Stratman.


Only a couple of months to go for our quilt show. I hope everyone is busy making their items for the boutique. Holiday items are always popular. Sales tags will be available at the next membership meeting.

Carol Swartz, Sue Ann Kuby, Kathy Avellone

Quilt Appraisals at Quilts from the Village XVI

As you work on finishing your quilts for our quilt show, please consider signing up for a quilt appraisal. Sandy Schweitzer, AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, will be appraising quilts during our show in October. Appraisals take approximately thirty minutes and each appraisal is $60.00 (cash or check); Sandy also donates $5.00 from each appraisal back to our guild.

Quilts are appraised for one of three reasons: insurance (replacement value); fair market (comparable sales value); and donation (comparable sales value).

If you would like to sign up for an appraisal, I will be located at a table by the entrance at our general meetings, or you can call or email me to sign up or ask questions.

Judy Hillebrand

Bookmark Distribution

We need members to help us deliver our show bookmarks to local quilt shops in July. There will be a list of shops and packets ready to go at the July meeting, so please consider helping out so we don’t have to pay to mail them.

Additional bookmarks will be freely available for members at the August guild meeting.

Margaret Martin

Raffle Tickets

Sue Ann Kuby and Kathy Avellone will have your raffle tickets available at the Tuesday membership meetings. Please remember that each member is required to purchase 30 raffle tickets for $25.

You are encouraged to resell them at $1 per ticket or six tickets for $5. Your ticket packet will also include 10 bookmarks to give to friends and family. You may pay for your tickets with a personal check made out to Village Quilters or, of course, cash. We do not have any credit or debit card options. If you need more than 30 tickets we will happily supply as many as you desire.

Thank you to those members who have already picked up their tickets!