October 2019

Speaker: Maribeth Schmit, NQA Certified Quilt Judge

Tuesday, October 15, 2019, at 7:00 PM

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How are quilts judged in competitions? What takes a quilt out of ribbon contention? Join us Tuesday, October 15th, and learn about quilt judging standards and processes from Maribeth Schmit as she presents her program "Entering Your Quilts in Shows: What a Judge Sees”.

Maribeth Schmit is an accomplished fiber artist, quilting instructor, author, and NQA Certified Quilt Judge. She is qualified to evaluate Masterpiece Quilts and is on the faculty of qualified instructors for the “NACQJ Two-Day Introduction to Judging Seminar”.

Don't miss this informative program! Hear about the common mistakes that quilters make and how to avoid them. Become a better quilter and perhaps even a savvy exhibitor and increase your chances of success at any show!

Kathy Avellone and Kearstie Grenier, Program co-chairs


News from the President


Soon the quilt show will be a memory. Congratulations to us!!!

Lately I enter my ‘studio’ (basement) and I say to myself, “after the show” I’m going to get busy finishing the wedding quilt that is three years past the wedding, and a 75th birthday quilt that was to be a 70th birthday gift. I also have a top for a holiday pillow on my design wall that I sometimes have to dust! Oh my, and these are just the projects I am willing to admit having.


I think that there are members in our guild that begin one project, complete it, and then begin a new one. I try to be positive in my thinking and keep hope in my heart. So, with all the optimism that I can muster, I hope someday to be one of those quilters. Ahhh, the satisfaction they must feel. Those people probably don’t worry about what their family will say when the ‘studio’ needs to be cleared. “I can’t believe she bought this! Why on earth is this still around?”

But for now that’s not me, so after the show, I get to return to my happy place. The place where I find peace, where I can be creative, where I can start up where I left off, where I can watch and rewatch Midsomer Murders, and no one judges me!

So ladies, get back into the groove and enjoy your piecing, appliquéing, designing, and quilting projects. There will always be another quilt show around the corner!!!

Marti Austin, President


Quilt Retreat October 18 - 20, 2019

There are a couple of changes for the retreat. One is that we will not be able to have those comfy chairs anymore. We will have your standard meeting chairs. So, you might want to bring a pillow for some comfort. Some people have their own chairs that they like to bring to retreats. If you do, please bring it.

You need to make sure to notify Sharon Pierluissi if you want a room. That request needs to be done by October 10!

We are ordering food from the restaurant at the hotel that will be delivered to our room. You will need to let Sharon know if you want to participate in that meal or do your own thing for dinner. Each person will receive an email with details on the food.

Please refer to the Retreat web page for all of the details about the retreat. If you have any questions regarding the retreat, please email Sharon Pierluissi.


Treasurer’s Report


Balance as of 8/23/2019 $19,896.53
Income: $343.00
Expenses: $2,575.64
Ending Balance as of 9/23/2019 $17,663.89

Income this month was from raffle ticket sales. Expenses were for the program dinners and the Quilt Show: table rental, insurance for show venue, and wristbands.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Ellin Innes, Treasurer


Welcome to our new member Gwendolyn Jaeger from Des Plaines!

Birthday Autumn Leaves.jpg

Happy October Birthday to:

Diane Hines – 10/02
Karen Jacobsen – 10/29
Barb Jolley – 10/15
Sue Ann Kuby – 10/26
Sarah Stannard – 10/06
Nancy Zamor – 10/08

If you are a new member in the past year and have not yet received your gazebo pin, please let us know!

Also, if you need assistance in designing your permanent name tag, we can help with that as well.

Kimberly Jurco and Celia Stratman, Membership co-chairs