February 2019

February Program: QOV Quilt-a-Thon

The February 19th meeting of the Village Quilters will be the 3rd Quilt of Valor Quilt-a-Thon when VQ members cut, sew, and finish a quilt top in less than two hours. This year's quilt will be a foundation pieced strip quilt made up of various colored strips in various patriotic colored fabric ... red, white, blue, cream, gold... in various widths from 1-1/2" to 4", and 6" to 15" in length.

Every VQ member is encouraged to attend this fun filled meeting, even as part of the cheering section.  But more importantly... participate by bringing strips from their individual stashes.  After all, you can't create a strip quilt without the strips!

Doors open at 5:30 for you to bring in your sewing supplies if you volunteered to do so.

The meeting will be called to order at 6:30, with a short Business Meeting, Committee Reports and Show-and-Tell. Hopefully, the actual "Ladies, Start Your Engines" to begin sew will be no later than 7:00 with the goal of completion before 9:00. Every VQ member is encouraged to attend and cheer their fellow quilters on to victory, but more importantly ... BRING THOSE FABRIC STRIPS!    

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 19, for an exciting evening to see if our quilters can once again beat the clock and finish the quilt top. And don't forget... there will be refreshments to keep things moving.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help, contact CHERYL MERCY or LINDA SPRING.

February Workshop for Quilt Show Boutique

Remember that February 20, 2019 is our first opportunity to gather to make items for the Quilt Show Boutique. We will be meeting at our regular workshop spot, Faith Lutheran Church, 680 West Deerpath Road, Lake Forest, IL at 9:00 am. Materials and projects will be provided for you to work on but if you have something that you would like to donate and provide for the Boutique, by all means bring it along and work on it in the fellowship of others! It will be great to see all of the wonderful ideas and projects that are coming our way. If you are planning on joining us for this fun day, please send an email or give Mary Dietz or Linda Warren a call. Remember to bring your sewing machine, supplies, lunch and wonderful suggestions and we will provide some projects for you to work on. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help and look forward to a fun day!

Upcoming Programs

Holy Warm quilts to wrap up in!!!! Staying warm in this weather is a priority item for all. In February we will make the Quilt of Valor quilt with the direction and help of Cheryl Mercy and team. This is a working meeting so please be sure to come prepared to help sew, iron, cut or hand out chocolates. If none of the above is possible, you can talk us through the evening.

If you are planning to help make boutique items at the Wednesday sew day, please let Barb Jolley or Edie Hirasawa know you are going to be there so we can have a table ready for you.  

March: Talking with the Long arm Quilters

What a great night this will be. Some of the long arm quilters in the guild have agreed to answer questions and offer suggestions. Barb Jolley will begin the evening with a brief video presentation followed with question and answer time. This will be a fun evening and hopefully end our program year with the final step in making a quilt - the quilting and binding. Thank you all for a great year.

March Workshop

This is another opportunity to make items for the boutique or finish your show items. Join us and make sure you let us know you are coming so we can have a table ready for you.

Have a Great Day!

Barb Jolley, 
MB Services, Long arm Quilting, 

Quilt Retreat April 2019

The next quilt retreat will be held from April 5th to April 7th. It will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Lake Forest.

At the time of writing this report we have only two spaces left for the retreat. So by all accounts we will fill all of the slots available. So far requests have come in for five of the ten rooms that have been reserved for our group. If you want to stay at the hotel, please contact Sharon Pierluissi. The list of all names and whether they are for shared or single occupancy will be turned in to the hotel to help assist with your check in.

To register for the retreat and to get more detailed information about the retreat, see the 2019 Retreat page.

Sharon Pierluissi

Brown Bag Hustle Report

We did it! The "Hustle" made $700! It also made so many people smile! It completed its mission of helping all of us empty some of our stash. It was entertaining and a great socializer. It brought members who remembered last year back for another round. But probably one of the greatest goals this year was selling the Hand Quilting frame. Can you imagine if we hadn't? All the credit for our Brown Bag Hustle goes to a fantastic team of ladies. Thank you Cheryl, Christine, Celia, Kathy Sorkin, Jo Bailey, Kimberly, Laurie Walton, Donna Derstadt, Kate Klein, Rae Bradley, Kathy Tucker and the clean up committee Marti and Barb Jolley. We already know next year is going to be even better....plans are in the making. Big "Thank You" to all of you who contributed.

Donna Fitzgerald, Ways & Means chair

Quilt Show 2019

Hope you all have kept warm inside your home, sewing and creating things for the show. 

Since Mother Nature has chosen to vent her anger at how we treat her Earth, our first meeting this year for our Show has been cancelled twice.....

It has been decided that we will meet before our Guild meetings in the sanctuary. The meeting will start promptly at 5:30 pm so that we will be done before our regular guild meeting which starts this month at 6:30 pm. A good idea!

So glad that we now have all positions covered. Thanks to all who have volunteered to make the show another success. 

Madge and Christine


Start thinking about making things for the Boutique. Our aprons sold well before and we would like to make more for this show. You can choose any pattern you like.  If anyone has any ideas of items we could make, let any committee person know. Think about selling your items as well. All are welcome.

We have our retreat coming up and that may be a good time for one of the projects. We will have some samples at the March meeting. 

Carol Swartz, Kathy Avellone and Sue Ann Kuby

Art Quilt Challenge – 2019

Time to express your creativity in exploring a theme for the upcoming Village Quilters’ show.

The theme: HAVE A HEART!

The only requirement for this theme is that the quilt should contain AT LEAST ONE IMAGE OF A HEART. The rest is up to you!

Here are the specifications:

  1. Finished quilt should be 12” X 12”.

  2. Label your submission like your other quilts, but a hanging sleeve is not necessary.

  3. Submit two quilts if you have more than one idea!

  4. Enter your quilt like all the others in the show – same deadline, same check-in procedure, etc.

Have fun with this, and please participate!

This quilt can be pieced, fused, painted, embroidered….

Use photographs, transfers, stencils, paints, inks, stamps….

Embellish with beads, metal, buttons, ribbons, fibers, crystals, lace, mesh, found objects – anything that can be safely attached!

QUESTIONS? Contact Ginny Flock – ginnyflock@gmail.com or Celia Stratman – celstrat@gmail.com

Service Project

We have received ten quilts to donate to the children residing at the Staben House. However, we hope many more guild members - working alone or with a partner - will support our commitment to service by completing a youth sized quilt by the April 16 meeting deadline. I’ll be there in February with fabric or to collect quilts, can’t wait to see what everybody creates!

Peggy Schemenaur and Andrea Krier

Help Village Quilters show off our beautiful raffle quilt!

color corrected logo copy.jpg

Save the date for the International Quilt Festival Chicago—the Rosemont Quilt Show!  

It's early this year—Thursday, Friday and Saturday March 28th, 29th, and 30th.  There will be a judged competition called "Celebration of Color", as well as special exhibits of traditional and modern quilts. There are also free learning opportunities on the show floor, including Open Studios and the new Learning Lounge, plus vendors—lots of vendors!

Admission is $10 daily, but you can attend free and help Village Quilters at the same time!

Village Quilters beautiful raffle quilt—Village Glacier Star—will be on exhibit Friday and Saturday, and we will be selling raffle tickets.  This is our single most successful ticket sales venue.  Last time, we sold $2,000 in tickets at this show!

To do this , we need your help!  Lots of help!  We need volunteers to white glove Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and volunteers to sell raffle tickets on Friday and Saturday.  Shifts are 2 hours long, and all volunteers enter the show free that day.  

Please sign up to help at our next meeting!  We need 20 volunteers to white glove, and 16 volunteers to sell tickets.

It takes a Village! Thank you!

Donna Derstadt and Lorraine Potts
Raffle Quilt Travel

Treasurer's report

Balance on 12/31/2018:  $27,509.87
Income: $2,156.37
Expenses: $0.00

Balance as of 1/27/2019: $29,666.24

That's right—no expenses this month, only income! Income consisted mostly of $700 from the Brown Bag Auction (thank you, Donna Fitzgerald, and members) and 25 members signing up for the April retreat. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Laura Partridge, Treasurer


At the January Brown Bag Hustle meeting, we had 3 guests and one new member!  A special welcome goes to Lindsey Alexander from Vernon Hills! She recently moved to the area, found our guild through an online search and came to the meeting ready to sign up!

Another new member joined us online shortly after our meeting, so we also welcome Patricia Swank from Cary! Village Quilters' membership count now totals 94!

Happy February Birthday to:

Kathy Heusinkveld - 2/3
Kathy Avellone - 2/5
Dorie Botimer - 2/12
Dorothy Roderick - 2/16
Carole Quille - 2/18
Eleanor McMurrin - 2/23
Cheryl Mercy - 2/25

President’s Letter


We are being challenged with the frigid weather, snow, cancelled meetings. Aghh such big problems. Ha. We’ve got this.

We are going to be very busy these next months. I hope that many of us will be able to attend and participate in the Quilt of Valor activity. If you have signed up to sew, cut, iron or be a runner, thank you. If you have not signed up for a job, no worry, attend the meeting and look for things to do. Many hands make a task light. I also believe that any job is fun as long as you are doing it with friends. And don’t forget your strips; I found a gold mine in my stash.

If you have not attended a workshop lately, please consider attending either the February or March workshop. There are no fees in these months and in March you can sew on whatever you like. If you want to do handwork, come along. You don’t have to bring a machine.

If you do need to bring a machine, and have a hard time getting the machine into the building, then come in and ask for help. I am more than willing to help you. I have seen many faces at workshops, but I have not seen everyone’s face. I know that some of you work; I’m sorry that you were born late and aren’t retired. You young’uns get a pass.

Think about the service project, the Boutique and the Quilts of Valor and stay warm.


The next board meeting will be at Marti Austin’s house at 7:00 on Tuesday, February 5.

All are invited.