December 2018


Dear Members,

Many thanks to all who were present and able to enjoy the November meeting and workshop with MaryJo Busch who helped us better understand color using terrific examples. The workshop was fantastic and those who participated were excited and involved in color choices for the entire day.

December is the Holiday party - Come prepared for fun. - Have you sent your check for the meal?

January is the Ways and Means fun filled evening. -Clean out your sewing rooms now!

February will be a working meeting during which we will be make a Quilt of Valor. More details will be coming soon on our Calendar, but you can begin to check your stash for Red, White, Blue and Gold/Yellow fabrics. Collect strips of these colors. The strips should be 2 inches to 4 inches wide. We will use these strips to make a string quilt for our Quilt of Valor.

March will be a meeting with the members and longarm quilters. Send an email to with your questions and the longarm quilters in the guild will do their best to answer them for you. Also, the longarm quilters will try to give you some helpful information to make your quilting efforts more enjoyable. Longarm quilters in the guild - please send me an email letting me know if you will be willing to sit on the panel, review the incoming questions, and offer an answer or be willing to field any live questions. I am looking for as many as are willing to help.

We have reserved the workshop room for February and March but have no workshops scheduled. These two days (one day after each meeting) can be used by the Boutique committee to make items for the boutique or other show related activities. They could also be a UFO day for anyone needing some time to finish a quilt for the show, this year’s challenge or charity efforts for the Staben House Service Project. More details will be coming soon on the Calendar.

I am so happy to see completed quilts at show and tell time. Many of these are quilts that I recognize as having come from some of this year’s speakers and workshops. To me that simply shows that many of you have felt the programs were useful and gave you something to help with your stash reduction and scrap quilting. Let's work on a great finish for this year.

Have a Great Day!

Barb Jolley
MB Services, Longarm Quilting

Winter Holiday Party

All are invited to the Guild’s annual Winter Holiday Party on our regular meeting night, Tuesday, December 18, 6:30-9:00PM (early start time) at Grace Lutheran Church in Lake Bluff.

The cost is $12.00/person, payable to Jo Bailey.
Send your check to: 734 Warwick Road, Deerfield, IL 60015 by December 4.

Come enjoy a lovely, catered pasta dinner from Deerfield’s Italian Kitchen, and an evening of fun and holiday cheer with other guild members.

Please bring a wrapped “something” from your sewing room for a special game. The “something” can be a ruler, thread, fabric, extra blocks, a quilt book, - anything that you may have that you don’t use or need. Don’t buy anything for this!

Note: There is no Show and Tell this evening. You have an extra month to finish your projects.

We are looking forward to enjoying an evening of celebration with quilting friends!

News from the President



Oh boy, it’s that time of the year. This is the time for running around, trying to do too much and driving myself crazy. Oops, that’s my old self. I told myself that since I am in my seventh decade, I should have learned something along the way. That lesson is slow down, do what is reasonable and take time to do what I like to do, piece and quilt!

During the new business portion of our October board meeting, we discussed the new stands that Barb displayed at our October meeting. We talked about the necessity of purchasing new equipment for our show.

The board agrees that safety is the reason why we need to think of an alternative to our current system. Our stands are wobbly and unstable. The incident at our last show during set-up, when an entire row of our largest quilts fell, impressed all who witnessed it. I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t think about the horror of a child or an elderly visitor caught under the quilts when they came down.

The new system won’t be faster to set up, but it will look as good as the system we have. This new system will remove the possibility of someone tripping over the stands. It will be easier to make the rows straight. We will still use the s hooks and straps. We will use the backdrops that we have.

The board will continue to investigate our options to replace our current system. If you have questions or concerns, please talk to me or a board member.


P.S. Honestly, if I knew that I had to have a picture of myself in this newsletter, I may have declined the offer of being the President!!!

Treasurer’s Report

treasurer 2.jpg

Balance on 9/25/2018: $31,611.83
Income: $1,655.91
Expenses: $5,312.65
Balance as of 11/28/18: $27,955.09

We had some large expenses in the last couple months: the payment to the Hilton Garden Inn for the retreat weekend on 10/26-10/28, the $2500 payment to the Libertyville Sports Complex for half of the 2019 Quilt Show rental, the payment to the November speaker, and our annual insurance payment to Country Mutual Insurance.

Income consisted mostly of retreat fees, followed by workshop fees and membership fees.

Respectfully submitted, Laura Partridge, Treasurer

Quilt Show Help Wanted

The dates for our show, Quilts from the Village, are October 4 & 5, 2019. The deadline for quilt submission is July 16, 2019.

A very special thank you to Kathy Avellone, Carol Swartz and Sue Ann Kuby for stepping up to chair the Boutique!!!

Linda Warren and Mary Dietz are planning a workshop to work on items for the Boutique, possibly in February on our workshop Wednesday. Start thinking about what you’d like to make or plan to work on ideas suggested by Mary and Linda.

We still need someone to do inventory for our show. This job involves renting the tables, tumbler and the truck to transport the equipment to and from the show. This job requires three phone calls and working the day of set up and the day of take down. And, a simple task of checking the inventory to be sure we have what is needed to present the show.

Participating in the show is one way to get to know people and make new friends who have the same interests as you. Please consider getting involved with some part of the show. You may find a committee with which you enjoy participating. Maybe even chair one in the future.

Madge Pierce and Christine Tindell
Quilt Show Chairwomen

2018 – 2019 Service Project


We are so lucky to have had many of you stop by our table and pick out fabrics for the Staben House kids’ quilts project. Thank you!

Just a reminder, quilts can be given to us at any time, but our April meeting will be the last day to turn them in.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Youth appropriate

  • Minimum size of 36” x 40”

  • Maximum size of 60” x 85”

Thank you Sue and Carol! We also received a quilt from Christine!

Peggy Schemenaur and Adrea Krier

Membership Report and Happy Birthday


Village Quilters has new members! Kathy Eagin from Waukegan found us online and immediately joined in October. Joni Baumli, Joan Decleene, Karen Jacobsen and Linda Kismer joined us in November. Welcome to each of you. You have found a very nice place to be the third Tuesday of each month.

Happy November Birthday!
Erika Eddy - 11/20
DeAnna Elliott - 11/21
Ginny Flock - 11/4
Judy Hillebrand - 11/3
Betty Holleman - 11/23
Kimberly Jurco - 11/19
Barbara Peterson - 11/16
Barbara Schober - 11/19
Yolande Sherrod - 11/26

Happy December Birthday!
Joyce Herringer – 12/3
Heidi Stark – 12/4
Christine Tindell 12/11
Kathy Sorkin 12/14
Kearstie Grenier 12/16
Jo Bailey 12/17
Sharon Pierluissi 12/23
Rae Marie Bradley 12/26
Donna Fitzgerald 12/27

If you have any questions about your membership standing, please contact Celia Stratman or Kimberly Jurco or email

Art Quilt Challenge – 2019

Time to express your creativity in exploring a theme for the upcoming Village Quilters show!

The theme: HAVE A HEART!

The only requirement for this theme is that the quilt should contain AT LEAST ONE IMAGE OF A HEART. The rest is up to you!

Here are the specifications:

  1. Finished quilt should be 12” x 12”

  2. Label it like your other quilts, but a hanging sleeve is not necessary

  3. Submit 2 quilts if you have more than one idea!

  4. Enter your quilt like all the others in the show – same deadline, same check-in procedure, etc.

Have fun with this, and please participate!

  • This quilt can be pieced, fused, painted, embroidered….

  • Use photographs, transfers, stencils, paints, inks, stamps….

  • Embellish with beads, metal, buttons, ribbons, fibers, crystals, lace, mesh, found objects – anything that can be safely attached!

QUESTIONS? Contact Ginny Flock – or Celia Stratman –

Quilt Retreat 2018 and 2019

This past October members of our quilt guild participated in a quilt retreat. Many thanks to Marti for suggesting this and spearheading the event. Thanks also go out to Kearstie Grenier for the wonderful name tags and to Kate Brennan for the gift bags and door prizes. We had such a wonderful time that many expressed their desire to make this happen again.

So we are making plans for another quilt retreat.

It will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Mettawa on April 5th through the 7th. Once again rooms will be available to those who want to stay at the hotel.

Details on the cost and timeline for registering for the retreat will be available toward the end of January.

Sharon Pierluissi

Quiltmaker Needed

If you are interested in making a quilt on commission for someone, I have a person looking for you!

I recently spoke to a woman who would like someone to make a queen sized quilt. I told her that I would ask other quilters who might be interested. Please contact Deb Sherrock by phone 847-356-1176 or email if you are interested.

Deb Sherrock

Antique Quilts on Display in January 

Quilts from the collection of the McHenry County Historical Society will be on display at the Woodstock Opera House on January 4-31, 2019.

Hours are Monday-Thursday 10-4, Friday-Saturday 10-6, closed on Sunday. The Woodstock Opera House is on the square, at 121 W Van Buren St, Woodstock IL.

Free to who can use them—

I have several hundred men’s ties that are looking for a home. Mostly designer ties, imported silk, some cotton.

If interested, please contact Erika Eddy, 847.295.5881, or