August 2016

August Speaker: Sandy Schweitzer, “What Were You Told a Girl/Woman Couldn’t Do?”
Tuesday, August 16, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Join us for a very special presentation by Sandy Schweitzer, developed just for our guild: "What were you told a girl/woman couldn't do?"

The Village Quilters know Sandy as the renowned and very knowledgeable quilt appraiser at our Quilt Shows, but like many of us, she has many roles. When we asked for a bio, she listed the following: Girl child, woman, wife, mom, grand mom, master's degree, psychotherapist, artist, quilt historian, certified quilt appraiser, and community servant. Obviously, she can do many things.

The very timely theme of her presentation was inspired by current events and a recent visit to two exhibits at the Indianapolis Museum of Art: "A Joy Forever, Marie Webster Quilts" and SAQA's (Studio Art Quilt Associates) “Dialogues: Contemporary Responses to Marie Webster Quilts", as well as a visit to the Quilter’s Hall of Fame, which is housed in Marie Webster’s former home. The lecture will focus on these, as well as “woman” as “powerful” artist, the changes afoot today, and the minimalist problem for the Quilter’s Hall of Fame. It will feature a small trunk show that will provide a look at three trends in quilting from past to present. This is a presentation you don’t want to miss!

If you're curious to learn more about the exhibits, follow the links on the IMA exhibit website, To learn more about the Quilter's Hall of Fame, visit their website at


August Workshop: Bust Those UFOs!
Wednesday, August 17, 9:00am - 4:00pm


Do you have one or more projects that you stalled out on before it was done? Maybe you started a quilt in one of our workshops and would like to complete it for entry in the 2017 Quilt Show? Looking for time and/or the support of others to finish it? We've got you covered! Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 17, for a Bust Those UFOs! workshop. 

Bring your project and all the supplies needed to finish it (or at least make some progress - we won't judge!) to our usual workshop space, Faith Lutheran Church, 680 W Deerpath Rd, Lake Forest, and sew along with friends. If you have questions, please contact Mary Dietz. 

Hope to see you there!


VQ President’s Letter

I remember a lovely summer day, when we lived in Minnesota. I got the mail and found my copy of the Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine 15th anniversary issue. I was so excited, I sat in the front yard and read the entire issue. Those were the days when the magazine was still run by the founder, Bonnie Leman. It was a lifeline to the world of quilting. It had great patterns and articles.  It let us see where quilting was headed and taught us about our tremendous quilt history. I am sad to hear of the magazine’s demise, but I wondered, if Bonnie Leman were here today, would she start a similar publication or would she embrace new technology and start a blog, put lessons on YouTube, or publish patterns for download?

We will always appreciate what Bonnie Leman did for quilting and quilters, but we have so many opportunities to learn more about quilting, improve our skills, and view the work of quilters worldwide.

One way we can challenge ourselves to learn new techniques and skills is by taking the classes the guild offers. Ami Simms gave a terrific lecture in July and taught a great class the following day. Please check out the Program page of our website and sign up for a class. If you have suggestions for speakers you would like to visit our guild, please contact Marti Austin.

Happy Quilting,


From the Treasurer

Balance 6/25/16: $28,043.03
Income: $382.50
Expenses: $1,979.49
Balance 7/25/16: $26,446.04

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Partridge, Treasurer


Quilt Show - Looking for Leaders

Get out your day planners, Ipods, phones and calendars!! We have a date for the 2017 "Quilts from the Village" show. It will be Friday and Saturday, October 13 and 14 at the Libertyville Sports Complex, the same as the two previous shows. We will have set up on Thursday the 12th.

We have chairmen for several subcommittees, but continue to look for a few good leaders.

Art Quilt Challenge—Celia Stratman
Vendors—Ginny Flock
Quilt Appraisal—Judy Hildebrand
Catalogue—Kearstie Grenier
Hospitality—Sylvia Bath and Jo Bailey
Raffle quilt—Kate Klein, Erica Jarrett and Nancy Smith
Raffle quilt tickets—Dee Elliott, Kathy Avellone
Raffle quilt travel—person will confirm soon
Silent Auction—Edythe Hirasawa, Alice Hutchinson, Yolande Sherrod
Service—Deb Sherrock, Cheryl Mercy
Staffing—Carol Swartz and Laura Partridge
Set up/Take down—Margaret Martin

We still need a few good leaders for the following:

Boutique—if you are interested, Judi Young will share her vast knowledge with you.
Publicity—Kearstie Grenier is willing to advise and help with social media.
Layout—Marge Rockenbach said she is willing to serve but not chair this.  Kate Klein said she is willing to advise but not to chair this again.   

We will start meeting late this year or January of 2017. This guild puts on one of the best shows in the area and is the primary source of funding for programs throughout the two years.

Please contact us if you are willing to serve,
Christine Tindell and Madge Pierce, your 2017 quilt show co-chairs

Quilt Fabric Sale!

There are four quilters that have decided they will never have enough time to use all the fabric they have been buying over the years. So... there will be a sale at 535 Carter Street, Libertyville, on Friday, August 12 from 10am-3pm and Saturday, August 13 from 9am-12 noon.

All fabric is quality quilt-shop fabric—no Joanne’s fabric! The pricing is based on $4 a yard. There will be fat quarters - 1/2 yards - 3/4 yards and 1 yard and over. There will be kits, thread, pillow forms- fabric bundles and more. Patterns will be $1 and books $3.

Please pass this along to your friends!

Thank You!

Dear Fellow VQ Quilters—you are AMAZING!!!!

The May and June Fabric sales from Ginny Moore’s stash totaled an astounding $2,000. (I rounded my donation up to get to this number.) Never did I expect to receive such an amount, and it all was turned over to the Alzheimer Association. Many, many thanks for all your support.

I am still working on cleaning up the leftovers, and will donate these (at Cathy Tucker’s suggestion) to the First Presbyterian Church’s (Lake Forest) rummage sale. Hopefully, my car will fit into my garage again soon.

Again, all your support is greatly appreciated.
Erika Eddy.

Calling All Quilters!

Countryside Flower Shop, Nursery & Garden Center in Crystal Lake is hosting their 17th Annual Quilt Show, Saturday & Sunday, September 17&18, 9am-5pm. They are looking for quilts to hang in their greenhouses. They would love to display your quilts, promote the guild, and, if nothing else, just have you visit.

If you are interested in displaying or demonstrating quilting at the show, please contact Marcy Cronin at Countryside Flower Shop (815) 459-8130.

All quilts to be displayed should be checked in at Countryside September 12-15.

Have something to share with your fellow quilters?

The due date for newsletter articles is the 25th of the month. Please send your article via email, with a digital photo if possible, to Kearstie Grenier. We welcome your contributions!



Welcome returning members Jeanie Rock and Peggy Williams and new member Amy Parker.

REMINDER: The updated membership roster for 2016-17 is now online. Let us know if your information has changed or is incorrect.

Carol and Patricia


Happy Birthday!

August Birthdays
Alice Hutchinson 8/1
Laura Partridge 8/1
Gayle Springer 8/1
Kate Mayer Tekampe 8/25
Jeanie Rock 8/26
Jenet Bakke 8/30

September Birthdays
Nancy Smith 9/5
Feather Schroeder 9/12
Lorraine Potts 9/15
Alice Wynn 9/16
Tera McBlaine 9/17
Linda Spring 9/17
Maggie Schmude 9/18
Cheryl Kucera 9/20
Laurie Waldron 9/24
Mary Dietz 9/26