May 2016

May Speaker: Maggie Ball, Innovative Quilts - Traditional Roots
Tuesday, May 17th  7:00pm - 9:00pm

Our May meeting will feature quilter Maggie Ball presenting her lecture, "Innovative Quilts, Traditional Roots", a review of her years as a quilter including her experiences teaching kids to quilt and voluntary work in Mongolia – inspirations, growth, and evolution. 

Maggie began quilting in 1986 and enjoys creating her own designs from elements of traditional patterns. Her award-winning quilts have been exhibited nationally and overseas. Teaching quilting is a natural extension of her passion and she finds it rewarding. Her teaching experience is extensive in the USA and beyond, to the UK and Mongolia, as well as quilting with over 800 children in local schools.

As a volunteer in Mongolia in 2004, Maggie taught quilting to low-income and unemployed women. In 2006 she helped organize the First International Quilt Show there in collaboration with quilters from the UK and Japan. Her association with Mongolian quilters continues and she successfully headed a capital campaign raising $80,000 to purchase a permanent facility for the Mongolian Quilting Center in Ulaanbaatar, where she visited and taught in 2009.

Maggie is the author of four books published by Krause Publications. "Creative Quilting with Kids" and "Patchwork and Quilting with Kids" aim to encourage adults to pass on the quilting tradition to the next generation. "Traditional Quilts with a Twist" contains new patterns derived from the traditional Bear's Paw, Trip Around the World, and Ohio Star. Her most recent book, "Bargello Quilts with a Twist", features quilts made from her original, easy to construct, 16-piece Bargello block.

Find more information about Maggie Ball and her quilts at

Workshop: Bargello With A Twist, Maggie Ball
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 9:00am-4:00pm

Join us for our May workshop, "Bargello With A Twist", presented by Maggie Ball.

The Bargello 16-piece block, as featured in Maggie Ball's book "Bargello Quilts with a Twist", provides enormous potential for creating original designs. If you've felt intimidated by the Bargello technique of sewing numerous strips together, never fear. To make this easily constructed strip-pieced block, you only need to sew four strips at a time. You will be amazed and delighted by the many possibilities for designing your own unique quilts and students are encouraged to explore a variety of options.

More information is available on her website at

Does this workshop sound interesting to you? Would you like to use this method to design your own unique quilt? We still have a number of openings for this excellent workshop. Contact to sign up.

President’s Letter

It is a balmy 46° today, but my forsythia is in bloom. Forsythia grew in my Mother’s garden also, and was always a harbinger of Spring. At my Brother’s home is a peony plant that has been transplanted from our Grandmother to our Mother and now to his garden. Tradition takes many forms. For many of you, quilting or sewing was shared with you first by family.  Have you also been sharing the joys of quilting with younger generations? I hope to do so, but will have to wait a few years. Meanwhile, sewing gifts for them will have to do.

I enjoyed warmer weather at Asilomar, CA, while taking an applique class from Jeanne Sullivan. I was sorry to miss the April meeting, but had planned my trip many months ago. I heard about the beautiful quilts presented to Staben House and the Eddie Washington Home. Thanks to Cheryl Mercy and Kathy Sorkin for organizing our Iron Quilters!

Our Program committee has chosen a wonderful schedule of speakers and workshops for this year. Please take a look at the exciting programs, and sign up for workshops. Taking workshops at the guild is a great way to expand your knowledge, learn new techniques and be inspired.

In a tough election year, I just want to thank our members for giving me this opportunity to serve the guild. I have been a member for many years and enjoyed participating through various board and committee positions. I look forward to yet another great year of friendship and quilts!

Happy Quilting,
Barbara Schober


From the Treasurer

Beginning balance: $25,677.84
Income: $150.00
Expenses: $308.66
Current balance: $25,519.18

Respectfully Submitted,
Kimberly Jurco, Treasurer


To All Members - Programs Need Your Support!

If you are at all interested in taking a great workshop from a noted teacher, please consider signing up for the May 18 workshop with Maggie Ball. It is called “Bargello with a Twist” and is machine piecing. Some of you saw the sample at the meeting.

I am writing this because we only have 4 signed up and I am frankly embarrassed at the low turnout.

If you wish to sign up, you can just email me at: and pay your money at the workshop.

Mary Dietz, Programs


Raffle Quilt Time!

It's time to start making our Raffle Quilt for 2017! Kate Klein, Nancy Smith and Erica Jarrett have worked out a design and are going to be at the May meeting to begin soliciting help in making the many parts needed. The photo included here shows a sample of the style, though we will be designing unique applique borders and the colors and size will be different.

At this time, we will be looking for 26 members to volunteer to assist in making the 3" finished nine patch blocks. An additional 28 members we are hoping will assist in producing the half square triangle pieces. We will provide the white on white fabric for all blocks, but are requesting you utilize your own BRIGHTS (tone on tone, mainly read as a solid color) to produce the piecing. We will have samples of the style fabric we are referring to as "tone on tone" BRIGHTS and will include a photo of these on the web site as reference. The piecing of all these should be completed by the June meeting.

If you cannot attend the meeting in May but would like to assist, please contact Erica Jarrett,, or phone her (check the membership roster for the number) and she will get you the needed directions, fabric and sample images. Thanks so much!


Help Support Alzheimer’s Association with a Fabric Purchase at a VQ Meeting!

Erika Eddy will be setting up a table at the May (and June) meeting to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. Our fellow quilter Ginny Moore is suffering from Alzheimer’s and is moving into a care facility. As she is no longer able to sew, she has asked Erika to sell her fabrics. Please consider bringing cash or checks; fabrics will not be "priced" but please be generous with your donation.



Welcome to new member, Sharon Pierluissi!

It's time to renew your membership! The early bird special has ended, but we are still accepting member renewals. Download the Membership form (pdf), fill it out, and bring it to the next meeting with your membership fee of $50, or mail them directly to Membership at the address on the Membership form.



May Birthdays
Emmy Moore, May 1
Linda Frankiewicz, May 6
Patricia Warren, May 7
Donna Derstadt, May 10    
Linda Panozzo, May 12
Marti Austin, May 13
Joan Lagedrost, May 13
Eloise Williams, May 16
Claire Machinist, May 19
Celia Stratman, May 19
Carol Miller, May 20
Penny Petitclair, May 20
Donna Lechowicz, May 22
Linda Wiemerslage, May 30

June Birthdays
Judi Young, June 1
Kate Klein, June 6    
Linda Warren, June 7
Andrea Krier, June 11
Kathy Clement, June 12
Priscilla Maves, June 15
Mary Gustafson, June 19
Amy Dryfoos, June 23
Sue Minster, June 28