August 2015

August Speaker: Sharon Rotz
August 18

In August, we welcome Sharon Rotz from Mosinee, Wisconsin. She will present her lecture, “Diet Quilts”.

Is your stash getting a bit too weighty? Are your shelves beginning to bow under the stress? Is it time to trim down and shape up? Try these fun quilts that reduce the load and eat up your scraps. Maybe we’re not talking “strip” steaks, “string” cheese or “three squares a day”, but , well...., who knows?

Sharon's passion is to share her love of fabric with others  through teaching skills, inspiring ideas, and encouraging appreciation of quilting as an art form. Specializing in creative use of color and design, she is ready to share her quilting world with you.

From childhood, learning embroidery stitches from her mother and making her first skirt in 4-H, Sharon felt a close connection to fabric. She pursued a degree in Home Economics Education, worked in the ready-made clothing industry, learned tailoring and dressmaking and spent many years making custom home decor.   When Sharon entered the quilting world, she brought with her this varied background of skills and expertise.  Sharon’s website is:


Workshop: String Piecing 101 and Beyond, Sharon Rotz  

August 19, 2015

In hard times, quilters used every bit of their fabric. Today, we can use string piecing techniques to create a delightful mixture of color and pattern.

Learn the basics and get creative.Sewing machine required.

Check the calendar workshop page for a supply list.


Letter from the President

Dear Quilters,

I have failed electronically.   I cannot find the official August letter.  Lost in the ether somewhere I am sure.   My husband continues to improve. Thank you for your kind thoughts.  My garden is doing well, too, although spider mites are getting to my roses – as are Japanese beetles – but the mites do  much more long-term damage.  Oh well.  As I always say, they are not children.  

The 2016-2017 program is almost done.  I cannot thank Mary Dietz enough for her hard work on this project.  We can’t wait to tell you all about it.  There may be some advance news at the August meeting.  I do hope you all come to hear Sharon Rotz and then come to her workshop on string piecing.  See you there.

I did get my quilts in before the deadline.  I think we have lots of good ones for the show.  Sadly, my art quilt didn’t make it. Too difficult and too much going on. Perhaps for the next show. 

See you all soon.  Happy quilting. 



From the Treasurer

Balance 6/24/15: $26,920.95
Income: $2,177.50
Expenses: $1,201.58
Balance 7/24/15: $27,896.87

Respectfully submitted,
Kimberly Jurco


Program News

Ideas! Ideas!

We are looking for personal recommendations for speakers and workshop presenters for 2016 and beyond. We need to find good speakers whom you can recommend to make our programs interesting to all. To send a suggestion, visit and you will see a suggestion box in the right-hand sidebar. Just type in a name or web site and click the "Submit" button, and we'll get it. Thank you for your input.

Mary Dietz, Programs



Quilt Show News

Boutique News

Pictured are several more items created and donated by members to be sold in the Boutique at the quilt show. Thanks to those who donated them.

Donations of created items for the show will be accepted up until the guild meeting in September.

Members who are creating multiple items to sell in the Boutique should plan to attend an IMPORTANT INFORMATIONAL MEETING at 6pm on August 18th (before the guild meeting).

Watch for an email reminder about this meeting in early August.

Judi Young


Staffing Committee Needs You! 

The Staffing Committee is charged with organizing workers for the quilt show. There are many, many jobs that must be performed to make the show successful. Here is a quick description of the jobs we need to fill. We are going to have two ways to sign up, online and at the meetings. Margaret will be sending an email in August with instructions on how to sign up online.  Try it you'll like it! 

Or, look for the table at the back of the room during the August and September meeting. In addition to helping with show setup on Thursday, October 1, every quilt member is expected to volunteer for AT LEAST TWO time slots. Boutiquers are expected to fill one volunteer slot in the Boutique and two additional slots somewhere else.

Job Descriptions 

Admissions: Greet guests and take the entry fee. Each paying guest is given a wristband which helps us know how many attendees we have. Also, offer each guest a ballot to vote for his or her favorite quilts. You will be handling money. Calculators will be provided. This is a seated job.

Raffle Quilts: Sell tickets for our raffle quilt. You will be handling money. This is a seated job.

White Gloves: You are the protectors of the quilts. Roam the quilts on display and engage guests in conversation about the quilts. Answer questions, draw viewers attention to details in the quilts, and generally guard the quilts from sticky fingers. Wearing white gloves allows you to touch the quilts and turn the corners to show the backs.  You will be on your feet and moving around. 

Boutique: Sell boutique items. You will be handling money. Calculators will be provided. You will be on your feet and moving within the boutique. 

Silent Auction: Monitor the silent auction table and quilts.

Hospitality: Monitor the hospitality room. Put out refreshments and keep the area tidy.

Greeters: Stand at the entrance and greet guests as they come in the door. Direct them to the ticket table, answer questions and generally be a cheerful face to those coming to our show. You will be one your feet. There may be an opportunity to sit when no one is entering the show. 

Vendor Host: Overall, promote vendor satisfaction. Introduce yourself to each vendor and offer any help or assistance. Point person for vendors to call on for any problems that arise. Be available as a 5-15 minute booth sitter, especially for vendors that are alone. This means just watching the booth, no transactions.

Andrea Krier and Tera McBlaine 


Quilts of Valor

The deadline to enter quilts for the October Quilt Show has passed, and we are all taking a well deserved breather.  But not too long a breather. There is still time to complete a Quilt of Valor because the registration deadline for those is September 12th. By now you all know the QOV parameters, but we will be happy to answer any questions about the QOV program you still might have.  We are also still taking names for QOV recipients. Contact Kathy Sorkin if you have a recipient in mind.

Along with the QOV project, the Service committee will be hosting a "Sit-n-Sew"  at the quilt show. We invite, and encourage, everyone to stop by and sew. We will be making a Quilt of Valor for the sewing project. Seeing as how the guild finished a quilt top in two hours last March, completing a quilt in two days should be a breeze! Fabric will also be available for making Sausage Roll pillow cases, which are fun, fast and easy. 

Service Committee,
Cheryl Mercy and Kathy Sorkin


Quilt Appraisals at Quilts from the Village XIV

I’ve gotten my quilts entered and I’m thinking I will have two or three of them appraised at the show.

Please consider signing up for an appraisal or two.  It’s a very interesting process, and you might be pleasantly surprised at the value of your quilt(s).  Sandy Schweitzer, AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, will be appraising quilts at our quilt show.  Appraisals take approximately thirty minutes and each appraisal is $50.00 (cash or check); Sandy also donates $5.00 from each appraisal back to our guild.

Quilts are appraised for one of three reasons: Insurance (replacement value); fair market (comparable sales value); and donation (comparable sales value).

If you would like to sign up for an appraisal, I will be located at a table by the entrance at our general meetings.  Or, you can call me or email me to sign up or ask questions.

Judy Hillebrand


The Thread Ball is Growing!

Be sure to check out the thread ball at the next meeting.  I still need lots more of your scrap thread so bring it along to the next meeting.  It's amazing how much thread I cut off when I'm quilting, it adds up fast.  I would like to show it off at the quilt show and give folks an idea of just how much sewing we actually do at the guild.




Welcome to new member, Sue Tapp!

The member roster has been updated and is available in the Members Only section on the website.  We are asking members to check their personal information on the roster and contact us with any changes or corrections. Thanks!

Ginny Flock and Kate Mayer Tekampe



August Birthdays

Alice Hutchinson, August 1
Laura Partridge, August1
Gayle Springer, August 1
Kate Mayer Tekampe, August 25
Louise Tischendorf, August 27
Jenet Bakke, August 30


September Birthdays

Nancy Smith, September 5
Feather Schroeder, September 12
Lorraine Potts, September 15
Tera McBlaine, September 17
Linda Spring, September 17
Maggie Schmude, September 18
Cheryl Kucera, September 20
Cathleen Gustavson, September 21
Laurie Waldron, September 24
Mary Dietz, September 26


News from other Guilds

Lighthouse Quilters Guild of Racine, Wisconsin, will have a quilt show on October 17 and 18, 2015.  It will be held at the Fountain Banquet Hall, 8505 Durand Avenue / Highway 11, Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Admission: $5.00, children 8 and under: free. For more information please visit: or find us on Facebook. Download a poster giving more details.

Raintree Quilter’s Guild will present a quilt show, Quilt Trek, The Next Generation, September 19 and 20, 2015. It will be held at the Vandenburgh 4-H Center Auditorium 201 E Boonville - Harmony Rd.,  Evansville,, IN. Admission: $6, children under 12: free. Their website is www.raintreequiltersguild.orgDownload the poster here for more information.

Friends of Fiber Art International is excited to announce their upcoming program at SOFA CHICAGO on November 6th, 2015 at 10:30 am.  “Art Quilts: A Contemporary Conversation” will feature four outstanding panelists who will discuss current thoughts and trends from the perspectives of: an artist, Michael James, Chair, Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, University of Nebraska; an educator, Jean McLaughlin, Executive Director, Penland School of Crafts; a gallery owner, Jennifer Tansey, Owner/Director Tansey Contemporary Gallery; and a collector, Jack Walsh, dedicated contemporary art quilt collector: These respected representatives in their fields will share their ideas and expertise as they emphasize the relevance and importance of the art quilt to the contemporary art scene. All visitors with paid admissions or VIP passes to SOFA CHICAGO are invited at no cost.
Additional information is available from


Happy Quilting!!!