May 2015

Guest Speaker for May - Barbara Eikmeier

Our May meeting will feature guest speaker Barbara Eikmeier. She will present “A is for Applique” , a trunk show of appliqué quilts and tops with a range of styles, including Broderie Perse, Hawaiian appliqué and many traditional designs. Come view over 40 examples of hand and machine work and find out why Barb gave up all other appliqué techniques for back basting appliqué – the topic of her newest book.

Barb’s workshop on May 20 will be “Border accents and Back Basting Hand Applique”. This is an introduction to the basics of back basting applique while adding a curved accent border using a hand appliqué, needle turn technique. In this 6 hour workshop students will begin a small project with a scalloped edge border (see photo) and receive instruction in layered appliqué, making fine points, smooth curves, and much more. We still have space available for this one, so if you would like to explore this new technique, please sign up! See the Programs page for the supply list.

Village Quilters President’s Letter

This week my garden is winning over my studio and the half-finished quilt of valor remains on the design board. Oh well, one day soon it will rain and I will quilt again.

The pot luck was quite a success. Lots of friendly faces. Lots of good food. Plenty of desserts. And a good idea – design a new name tag. I got some good ideas and am planning to make a new one to replace the one I made when I was a much newer quilter. I challenge you all to do the same. Some name tags are lost, some are old, and some (like mine) reflect earlier skills. Maybe you just want a change. Nametags are so small that you can try a new idea without much investment. Let’s all make new nametags, wear them to the May meeting, and show them during show and tell. What if we all had new nametags to show, we all came up to the front, and there was nobody left sitting down but our guests and the speaker. What fun that would be!!!

Please sign up for the May workshop. There is still time. I am looking forward to learning a new way to do applique.

Must get outside now. See you at the meeting.

Happy Quilting!!

Quilts of Valor

As everyone knows, the "March Madness" Quilt of Valor night was a huge success. We successfully completed the Top... but not the Quilt. We are looking for a VQ member who would volunteer to sew the layers together, either by your Home Machine or Longarm. Please contact Kathy if you would be willing and able to complete our Guild's Quilt of Valor.

Thank you!

Kathy and Cheryl, Service Committee


Appraisals at Quilts from the Village XIV

I am pleased to announce that Sandy Schweitzer, AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, will be at our quilt show conducting quilt appraisals. You can sign up at our regular meetings beginning in May and up to the show dates. Look for me at a table by the entrance to sign up. Appraisals take approximately thirty minutes and each appraisal is $50.00; Sandy donates $5.00 from each appraisal back to our guild.

Most of us in the guild have been creating quilts for years. Are you aware of the value of your quilts? Many quilters are very surprised when they get their first quilt appraisal—the replacement value can be thousands of dollars. According to Sandy, “Without a written appraisal your insurance replacement value, should one of your quilts be lost or damaged, will be equal to the cost of a purchased quilt or “blanket” from a retail chain.” Our quilts are worth much more than a “blanket.”

Quilts are appraised for one of three reasons: Insurance (replacement value); fair market (comparable sales value); and donation (comparable sales value).

I hope many of you are in the process of creating a Quilt of Valor quilt to be presented to a service man or woman at our quilt show. Think about having that quilt appraised so you will have proof of the value when filing your Income Taxes.

Please call or email me with your questions, or see me at a Village Quilters meeting.

Judy Hillebrand

Register Your Quilts for the Quilt Show

The deadline to register your quilts for the show is July 31. Don’t miss out on having your quilt displayed. Register your quilts as you finish them. The link to the form is in the “Members Only” section of the guild website.

Longarm Services

With the flurry of activity for the Quilt Show and the need for longarm services, I wanted to pass on a Longarm business I have started to use out of Michigan and have been very impressed with their work, charges, communication and timeliness. I shipped my quilts to them and they shipped them back, but you could certainly drive there if you really want to... they are about 2 hours away. Check out their website,, and if you have any questions, please contact me. You can even schedule your quilt ahead of time for a quicker turnaround time! The Quilt Show Entry deadline will come around quickly!

Ginny Flock

Cami Cress / Louise Moon
All About Quilting and Design
4683 E Hillcrest Rd.
Berrien Springs, MI. 49103
269-471-7359 Studio / Moon residence
269-325-7140 Cami's cell


Welcome to new member, Marye Feldman, and returning members, Jinni Swab and Sue Minster!

Village Quilters’ New Year began May 1 and we have already received several renewals. If you have not renewed yet, download the Membership form (pdf) and bring to the next meeting with your $50 membership fee or mail it directly to Membership at the address on the Membership form.

Ginny Flock and Kate Mayer Tekampe


May Birthdays
Emmy Moore: May 1
Patricia Warren: May 7: 
Donna Derstadt: May 10: 
Linda Panozzo: May 12
Marti Austin: May 13
Joan Lagedrost: May 13
Mary Ley: May 16
Eloise Williams: May 16
Claire Machinist: May 19
Celia Stratman: May 19
Carol Miller: May 20: 
Penny Petitclair: May 20: 
Donna Lechowicz: May 22
Linda Wiemerslage: May 30

June Birthdays
Judi Young: June 1
Kate Klein: June 6
Linda Warren: June 7: 
Andrea Krier: June 11: 
Kathy Clement: June 12: 
Priscilla Maves: June 15: 
Jo Ann Compton: June 16: 
Mary Gustafson: June 19: 
Amy Dryfoos: June 23: 
Diane Carney: June 28: 
Sue Minster: June 28: 

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Articles for the Village Quilters newsletter are due on the 25th of the month. Please submit articles to me via email. You may attach a photo if you have one to accompany your story. Thank you!

Kearstie Grenier, Newsletter