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Program: It's All About the Show!

Find out how the Village Quilters will be running the 2019 Quilt Show, Quilts from the Village XVI! We will learn about setting up the new quilt stands, how we hang and tear down the show, what to expect during the show, which vendors will attend, etc. Also, get your quilt ID cards for your submissions as well as the latest info on checki/in and check/out. Your attendance at this meeting will ensure a pleasant experience for all!

This meeting is very important in preparation for our show. Please do your best to attend. We will discuss all the necessary tasks in preparation for our upcoming show.

You can turn in your boutique and/or your silent auction donations this evening. If you are unable to deliver your quilts at the assigned time on Thursday, October 3, or unable to pick up your quilts at the end of the show on Saturday, October 5, you will be able to make arrangements with a guild member to help you.

During this meeting, we will demonstrate how to set up the quilt stands and how to hang the quilts. You might not be signed up to do this job, but information is powerful.

We will identify when and where additional volunteers are needed, and you will be able to step up and help out.

If you have forgotten what you signed up to bring to the hospitality room, Edie or Yolande will be able to tell you.

If you have any questions about procedures, where you should be, or what you should be doing, don’t miss our September meeting, it will be a biggie!