Quilt Show News for August 2019

General Show News


The countdown to the show is going by very quickly! We have 272 quilts registered, 23 Quilts of Valor will be presented, and 27 quilts for the Art Quilt Challenge. There are also several quilts for sale. WOW! Nice work everyone!

The need for volunteers brings us to volunteering online. We are all asked to sign up for a couple of jobs for pre-show setup, during the show or take down, sitting or standing or building or running. Whatever you are able to do, please do! It is a great time to have some fun, make new friends, and we also provide lunch. During the show you can interact with guests and show off our beautiful quilts. See the Staffing article below for the volunteer signup link.

There will be two practice sessions to learn how to use the new stands. The dates will be announced before September 1st. Our new stands are much easier to assemble. We think that the set up and take down will take less time. Come join the fun!

Madge and Christine, Quilt Show Co-chairs

Cataloging and Quilt Registration

I am pleased to announce there are 272 quilts registered in the show! Registration for quilts to be hung in the show has ended and the catalog has gone to the Layout committee. The 272 includes 27 entries for the Art Quilt Challenge, 25 Quilts of Valor, 11 Charity Quilts, and 20 Village Quilter Workshop quilts.

You still have time to register a Quilt of Valor that does not need to be hung; the deadline is August 31st. Photos of these quilts must be sent to villagequilterslblf@gmail.com by September 2nd. Be sure you either attach the photo to your reply to the confirmation email or put the Entry number of the quilt in the subject when you send those photos so we can match them up! Photos must be emailed; you can’t text them and we can’t use printed photos.

Enid will be printing the ID cards which will be handed out at the September meeting. If at all possible, please attend that meeting to get your cards and instructions for helping with the show.

The quilts you have registered are really amazing! This is one of our largest shows, thanks to YOU! Please continue to register your Quilts of Valor and get those photos in. Even though all the quilts won’t be awarded at our show, all will be awarded to worthy and grateful recipients!

Kearstie and Enid, Cataloging Co-chairs

Check In/Check Out

Thanks so much to all who volunteered to join the Check In/Check Out Team!

In September we will furnish each quilter with a 4" x 6" ID card, showing the name of each quilt, the "address" of each quilt and the name of the quilter. Please attach your card to the lower left-hand corner of the back of each quilt and fold the quilt so that the ID card is visible when you present it to the Check-In Team.

After the show is totally dismantled (quickly, if everyone helps) we will Check Out each quilt. "Take-down" jobs are available for every quilter; even those who prefer to stay on the ground!

Feather Schroeder


At the last guild meeting the hospitality committee passed around a sign-up sheet for members to volunteer to bring food items for the hospitality room on one or both days of the quilt show. An option is also available for members to contribute cash in lieu of food. The sign-up sheet will be circulated again at the August and September meetings, along with an envelope for cash donations. The committee needs this information/cash by the September meeting. If you can donate but will not be at either meeting, please contact a member of the hospitality committee. We look forward to providing lunch and snack items for our workers and vendors on both days of the quilt show.

Edie Hirasawa

Quilt Appraisals

In July I entered several quilts in the show and am deciding which ones to get appraised. I hope many of you are considering getting one or two of your own quilts appraised.

It’s a very interesting process, and you might be pleasantly surprised at the replacement value of your quilt(s). Sandy Schweitzer, AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, will be appraising quilts at our quilt show. Appraisals take approximately thirty minutes and each appraisal is $60.00 (cash or check); Sandy also generously donates $5.00 from each appraisal back to our guild.

Please see me at one of our general meetings to sign up. You can also call me or email me to sign up or to ask questions.

Judy Hillebrand

Quilts of Valor

A big thank you to members who submitted a nomination form for a veteran to be awarded a Quilt of Valor at the October Quilt Show. And to everyone who has made a QOV for this Service Project. I am not accepting any more nominations, as I have already sent invitations to 21 veterans for this event.

Linda Spring and Jolie Fiore are busy preparing for the "Sit and Sew" booth at the show, as well as the reception following the actual presentation of quilts on Saturday afternoon.

Look for a final update in September!

Sew On,
Cheryl Mercy

Raffle Tickets

Sue Ann Kuby and Kathy Avellone will have your raffle tickets available at the Tuesday membership meetings. Please remember that each member is required to purchase 30 raffle tickets for $25.

You are encouraged to resell them at $1 per ticket or six tickets for $5. Your ticket packet will also include 10 bookmarks to give to friends and family. You may pay for your tickets with a personal check made out to Village Quilters or, of course, cash. We do not have any credit or debit card options. If you need more than 30 tickets we will happily supply as many as you desire.

Thank you to those members who have already picked up their tickets!

Equipment Transportation

One very important part of the show is getting the display stands and drapes out of storage and on to a truck to transport them to the venue, and then a return trip — loading the truck to return the equipment to storage in Lake Forest. Many of our members don’t have the physical strength for this so those of us who do need to step up and participate. This is do-able and a very important part of the show. Our new stands should make this easier than in past years. For more details please contact Kimberly Jurco.

Quilt Show Set Up and Take Down

Please go over this list and decide where you belong. What job would you like to do to make our show one of the best ever? At our August 20 guild meeting I will pass around a sign-up sheet. Please be ready to volunteer.

Many volunteers are needed for setup on Thursday, October 3, and directly after the show on Saturday, October 5.

Set Up on Thursday, October 3

7:00 AM
8 volunteers are needed to place the stand bases, the uprights and the crossbars.

8:30 AM
8 crew chiefs and at least 40 team members are needed to start hanging quilts
6 members are needed for table work, passing out hooks, straps and backdrops

Take Down Saturday, October 5

8 crew chiefs and 40 team members
6 members for table work, collecting hooks and straps
4 members – Two 2-person teams to take down quilt description labels
Everyone else folds and repackages backdrops.

Equipment needed: 8-foot ladders, wagons, and bedsheets

Marti Austin

Silent Auction

Even though the Quilt Show is only 7 weeks away there is still time to make a small item for the Silent Auction! Seasonal items such as table toppers, wall hangings, placemats, etc., are big sellers.

The Silent Auction committee has received 50 donations for the Silent Auction so far. We need at least double that amount so we can surpass what has been raised in previous shows. Donations can be turned in to the committee any time up to the day of the show.

We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful donations!

Kathy Sorkin and Cheryl Mercy

Staffing Committee Needs You!

The Staffing Committee is charged with organizing workers for the quilt show. There are many, many jobs that must be performed to make the show successful. Here is a quick description of the jobs we need to fill.

Look for the table at the back of the room during the August and September membership meetings, so I can answer any questions. In addition to helping with show setup on Thursday, October 3, every quilt member is expected to volunteer for AT LEAST TWO time slots. Boutiquers are expected to fill one volunteer slot in the Boutique and two additional slots somewhere else.

Job Descriptions 

Admissions: Greet guests and take the entry fee. Each paying guest is given a wristband which helps us know how many attendees we have. Also, offer each guest a ballot to vote for his or her favorite quilts. You will be handling money. Calculators will be provided. This is a seated job.

Raffle Quilts: Sell tickets for our raffle quilt. You will be handling money. This is a seated job.

White Gloves: You are the protectors of the quilts. Roam the quilts on display and engage guests in conversation about the quilts. Answer questions, draw viewers’ attention to details in the quilts, and generally guard the quilts from sticky fingers. Wearing white gloves allows you to touch the quilts and turn the corners to show the backs. You will be on your feet and moving around.

Boutique: Sell boutique items. You will be handling money. Calculators will be provided. You will be on your feet and moving within the boutique.

Silent Auction: Monitor the silent auction table and quilts.

Hospitality: Monitor the hospitality room. Put out refreshments and keep the area tidy.

Vendor Host: Overall, promote vendor satisfaction. Introduce yourself to each vendor and offer any help or assistance. Be the point person for vendors to call on for any problems that arise. Be available as a 5-15 minute booth sitter, especially for vendors that are alone. This means just watching the booth, no transactions.

We're using SignUp.com, the leading online signup and reminder tool, to organize our upcoming signups.

Here's how it works:

  1. Visit our signup page

  2. Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

  3. Choose your shifts. It's easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on SignUp.com.

Note: SignUp.com does NOT share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

Andrea Krier


Bookmarks will be available freely for everyone at the August guild meeting.

We know that most people come to the show because they have been directly invited, so now is the time to start reminding everyone that the show is the first Friday and Saturday in October at the Libertyville Sports Complex (near the intersection of Routes 137 and 45).