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Speaker: Mary Fisher, Sort N' Release

Mary Fisher, a professional organizer, from Waunakee, Wisconsin, will use her expertise to help us organize our quilting studios, rooms, and/or spaces. Mary’s business, Sort N’ Release Organizing, LLC, specializes in organization techniques, including organizing sewing and crafting spaces. No matter if you have a quilt studio or sew on the dining room table, Mary’s tips will help to make better use of your sewing space.

Sort N’ Release Organizing LLC was established in April of 2007.

I (Mary Fisher) have always had an inclination to put things in order, but now I’ve learned to organize with design and function in mind.

Here is quote that sums it up for me:

Organizing is not just about getting rid of clutter and making the space look “neat”. It goes much deeper than that. Organizing is about designing your space so that if reflects who you are and what’s important to you and arranging things logically and efficiently so that staying organized will be easy for you.
— Julie Morgenstern, Organizing from the Inside Out