The current service project is Quilts of Valor®. The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. More information about the organization and its mission can be found at

A Quilt of Valor says “thank you for your service, sacrifice and valor” in serving our nation. Quilts of Valor are to reflect the best possible workmanship and use of quality materials consistent with the Foundation’s core value of promoting excellence.

A one-page handout listing procedures to make a Quilt of Valor (QOV) can be downloaded as a pdf. Key points to remember are:

  • A QOV must be large enough to cover an average-sized adult, with an ideal size of approximately 60” x 80” -- minimum finished size of 55” x 65,” maximum 72” x 90.”  
  • It is recommended that a QOV be made in patriotic colors since these are the quilts that are most desired.  
  • Any pattern or block may be used.  (Download a list of free quilt patterns)
  • The label must say “Quilt of Valor”.

If you intend to complete a QOV in time for the 2017 quilt show, sign up at the monthly guild meetings or inform Deb or Cheryl. We’d like to have a realistic idea of how many Veterans we can invite to receive a quilt at the show – but first we need to know how many quilts are going to be made.

Submit Your Quilt before September 8

Although the deadline has passed for submitting a quilt to be hung in the October show, you can still submit a Quilt of Valor to be presented at the show. You will need to complete the quilt show entry form before September 8.

Nominate a Veteran

Do you know of a Veteran (family member or close friend) who you can nominate to receive a QOV at our Oct 2017 quilt show? The nominated Veteran should have been "touched by war"... meaning during their military service they should have been in harms way. Your nominee does not have to be currently in active service. However, the Veteran must attend the Quilt Show. The receipt of the quilt will NOT be a surprise for the Veteran, as we will be communication with them prior to the quilt show.

Complete the nomination form and return it to Deb or Cheryl. 

At the 2015 quilt show, 38 beautiful quilts were given to the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Let’s see if we can increase the number donated to 50 quilts for the 2017 show! 

Gayle Springer and Amy Dryfoos present a Quilt of Valor during the 2015 quilt show. 

Gayle Springer and Amy Dryfoos present a Quilt of Valor during the 2015 quilt show.