Birthday Blocks

Welcome to Birthday Blocks 2016! We hope you will enjoy this fun activity. Here's how it works:


Download a list of participants and their color choices.

Dee Elliott: Gray, White
Erika Eddy: Bright Red, Solid Black
Barbara Schober: Black, Brights
Yolande Sherrod: Black, Light or Medium Turquoise

Christine Tindell: White or Cream, Floral
Kearstie Grenier: Cream, Tan Print
Heidi Stark: Black, Pink Print
Sue Leslie: White on White, Black Tone on Tone

Kathy Avellone: White, Bright Batiks
Dorothy Roderick : Black & White Print (no cream), Brights

Bobbie Etchell: Big Bird Yellow (Bright Yellow), Medium/Dark Gray

Mary Ellin Innes: Blue, White
Edythe Hirasawa: Cream Solid or Tonal, Burgundy (not purple)

Carol Miller: Turquoise, Brown, Beige
Donna Lechowicz: Solid Purple/Lilac, Greens/Lime
Marti Austin: White, Christmas Themed Red or Green or both
Claire Machinist: Off White, Mostly Green Christmas Prints

Linda Warren: Kona Black, Red Batik

Alice Hutchinson: Yellow, Purple

Linda Spring: Green, Yellow
Nancy Smith: Dark blue print, blue floral
Feather Schroeder: Medium to dark blue, Yellow solid tone on tone

In August, two sign up sheets will be passed around. You will sign your name in the month of your birthday on the sign up sheet. On the color selection sheet you will indicate the colors you wish your own blocks to be. As noted in the instructions, the disappearing 4-patch is most effective when 2 colors are used. However, if you like a "scrappy" look, you might want to consider 3 colors.

Download the instructions for making the block or watch the great video below from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Please bring your blocks for each month's recipients to the guild meeting. The blocks will be presented to the recipients during the meeting. If you will not be at the guild meeting in your birth month, please ask a friend to receive your blocks for you. If you can't come to the guild meeting, you are responsible for getting the blocks you have made to the recipients; the U.S. mail works well. Don't give the blocks to Edie or Nancy.

A word about promptness: please, please, PLEASE have your blocks done on time. In the past there have been instances where blocks have been received months after the birthday lady's special day—sometimes the birthday quilt has been completed already! Set aside a day each month to do the blocks so you will keep up to date. A few admirable over-achievers have been known to sit down and do the whole year's blocks at once; we bow to their wow! 

Most importantly, have fun with this project!

Nancy Smith
Edythe Hirasawa